5 most dangerous Minecraft structures in the Overworld (2022)

Some of the most dangerous structures in the overworld (Image via Minecraft)
Some of the most dangerous structures in the overworld (Image via Minecraft)

The overworld is one of the safest realms in Minecraft. This is where players first spawn when a new world is generated and usually spend most of their time in. Along with expansive biomes and mobs, this realm also contains some dangerous structures that a player can explore.

Most of the time, the overworld is quite welcoming and less dangerous than the Nether and End. However, players may gradually find specific structures that house some of the most dangerous mobs and most valuable loot in the game.

Even if players don't go to the Nether or the End, plenty of structures can give players a challenge in the overworld itself.

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Top five most dangerous Overworld structures in Minecraft (2022)

5) Pillager Outpost

Pillager Outpost (Image via Minecraft)
Pillager Outpost (Image via Minecraft)

The Pillager Outpost is a small structure that can generate in almost all kinds of overworld biomes, and is generally generated near a village. It is a wooden and stone tower that is mainly surrounded by smaller huts and wooden prison cells.

Loads of Pillager mobs will be present near these structures with crossbows or axes. They might see a player from afar, but will only aggro them if they come closer.

If players are not careful, all the Pillagers may attack at once and kill the player quite easily. If players get past them and enter the tower, they will find a chest at the very top floor where they can find several loot items.

4) Ocean Monument

Ocean Monument (Image via Minecraft)
Ocean Monument (Image via Minecraft)

The overworld is filled with huge bodies of water in which players might find a huge mysterious structure. These are called Ocean Monuments and are pretty dangerous as they contain loads of Guardians and Elder Guardian mobs.

These magical creatures can lock a laser beam on the players from their eyes to shoot them. Even if players pass by a monument, the Guardians can start attacking, and a status effect called 'mining fatigue' will apply to them.

If players want to dive deep and fight the entire monument, they will need loads of water, breathing potions or doors, strong enchanted weapons, and some blocks to defeat them. Players will be able to build a custom structure with the help of the monument and also find rare sponge blocks.

3) Stronghold

Stronghold (Image via Minecraft)
Stronghold (Image via Minecraft)

Strongholds are rare structures that are found deep within the ground. They are made up of long passages, stairs, rooms, and tricky junctions filled with hostile mobs.

Although these hostile mobs are normal zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders, players can easily get trapped and die. The main aim for players in this structure is to find the End portal hidden in one of the rooms.

These structures can be found with the help of Eye of Enders, which are crafted with Ender pearls and blaze powder. When players find the End portal room, they will also find a rare silverfish spawner that will spawn these pesky little hostile creatures that will attack players.

2) Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansion (Image via Minecraft)
Woodland Mansion (Image via Minecraft)

Pillagers who have outposts all around the overworld come from this huge structure called Woodland Mansion. It is essentially the home of illager mob type with loads of rooms, secret chest loot, and loads of hostile creatures.

Here, players will encounter Vindicators and Evokers, who are much stronger variants of illagers. They use axes and magical spells, respectively, to attack players.

Players will also have to deal with normal hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers. This is arguably the most dangerous structure to conquer in the game.

1) Ancient City (coming soon in 2022)

Ancient City (Image via Minecraft)
Ancient City (Image via Minecraft)

Although this structure is not yet officially released, it is considered one of the scariest and most dangerous places in the overworld.

With the new 1.19 The Wild Update, Mojang is bringing a new overworld cave biome called Deep Dark, where this new structure will generate. It is considered the most dangerous simply because of one mob, The Warden.

The Warden will be the strongest and scariest mob of all time. Even if the mob does not spawn naturally in the structure, if a player makes any sound and activates the sculk sensor and shrieker block, the beast will be summoned and start smelling and hearing the player hunt them down.

If the beast detects the player and gets angry, evading the beast becomes almost impossible because of its speed, attacking strength, and range.

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