5 easiest XP farms for beginners in Minecraft 

Best beginner-friendly XP farms in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
Best beginner-friendly XP farms in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Gaining experience points (XP for short) is essential for Minecraft players. Using XP, players can acquire high-level enchantments for their weapons, tools, and armor items, which will ultimately help them deal with pesky mobs.

Whenever a player or a tamed wolf kills a mob, the mob drops many experience points, which is one of the best ways to increase players' experience levels.

However, manually finding and killing mobs is not ideal. As a result, Minecraft players have designed farm widgets that will make it easier to kill multiple mobs at once and gain significant amounts of XP.

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Simple Minecraft XP farms that even beginners can build

Since there are quite a few ways of gaining XP that can be automated, the Minecraft community has created many different mob farm designs. Here are some of the simple ones that beginners can create even in the early stages of their survival journey:

5) Mob tower


The popular mob tower design has a dark mob spawning chamber at the top. Various hostile mobs spawn naturally inside the chamber and are then pushed through a vertical tunnel.

Due to the drop, they sustain a lot of damage and are left with very low HP, and then the player can quickly kill the mob to collect XP. Even though this farm takes a while to create, the required items are relatively easy to obtain in Minecraft.

4) Zombie farm


While exploring the Overworld in Minecraft, the most hostile mob players will encounter is zombies. They are trendy, and even gamers who have never touched Minecraft may recognize them.

Because of how common they are, players can create an intelligently structured farm that traps zombies so that players can attack those and gain XP without sustaining damage.

This farm uses turtle eggs to attract zombies in Minecraft. As the zombies move towards their target, they fall into a pit, where the player executes them. Like most farm designs on this list, this farm requires only a few items to be built.

3) Zombified piglin farm


This farm is very similar to the zombie farm. Instead of trapping zombies, it uses a slightly different game mechanic to trap zombified piglins. Zombified piglins are lured in and trapped in a pit, and players kill them there.

What makes it slightly better than the zombie farm is the items dropped by zombified piglins and how much easier it is to lure these mobs.

However, since zombified piglins spawn in the Nether, specifically in the crimson forest and Nether waste biome, it is more dangerous to create this farm. It is recommended that players build this farm somewhere where a lot of zombified piglins can be found for the most efficiency.

2) Cactus farm


Smelting items give XP to the player, and this farm takes advantage of this game mechanic. Like cobblestones, cactus is another item that can be smelt in a furnace. Upon doing so, players can collect green dye.

A cacti farm automates the process of growing and smelting cacti. Once in a while, the player can visit the farm, collect the green dye from the furnace and gain XP.

1) Furnace XP farm


Using some of the most commonly found Overworld items, players can create a simple gadget that takes in cobblestone and smelts it to produce stone blocks. They can return to their furnace XP farm whenever the player wishes and collect the smelted items to gain XP.

The best part about this simple furnace farm is that players can acquire the items required to create this farm by chopping a few trees and mining for a few minutes for shared resources. Acquiring the items and putting this farm together should take approximately 30-45 minutes.