7 best DLC in Minecraft Marketplace

Players can get lots of fun DLC from the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via YouTube/Goldrobin)
Players can get lots of fun DLC from the Minecraft Marketplace (Image via YouTube/Goldrobin)

Minecraft is a platform that allows players to use their imagination and build creative structures. With countless blocks, biomes, mobs, and more, you have a lot to work with.

However, sometimes players might not want to build something new. Perhaps experience a new world or explore a new game mode. One of the best ways to do this is by using the Minecraft Marketplace to download new content directly from the game's shop. This is a quick and safe way to experience the game's best additional content.

How to access the Minecraft Marketplace


The first thing players who want to download content will need to do to access the Minecraft Marketplace. Luckily, this is extremely easy to do and can be viewed on the game's main menu or the official Marketplace website.

Some of the offered content is free, while others will be able to be picked up for Minecoins, which will need to be purchased with real money. However, content does rotate through sales frequently, so players should keep an eye on any items on their wishlist - they may go on sale. Once an item has been purchased, players can create a new world and experience the new content immediately.

1) Frozen Worlds (Frozen Planet II)


This DLC is perfect for those who want to experience life in the arctic or take a deep dive with some of their favorite animals. Inspired by the hit BBC Earth series Frozen Planet II, this is one of five maps of the same type where players can experience all the frozen world has to offer.

With each map specializing in different animals and areas, the first of the series focuses on Killer Whales, Polar Bears, and lets players collect nectar as a Lapland bumblebee.

2) Spellrune


Currently one of the most exciting packs available on the Minecraft Marketplace, the Spellrune DLC lets players find and combine runes to create powerful spells.

With over 20,000 combinations, there is no shortage of how much power players can unleash when they bring spells to the world. On top of that, players can face powerful foes, complete challenges, and explore this magical realm.

3) Skyblock


Skyblock has remained one of the most popular Minecraft maps for a good reason. It completely changes the way the game is played. Rather than spawning into an infinite world with countless blocks everywhere, players must manage their resources and use the little island they spawn on to expand their world.

It makes for insane gameplay and sometimes gets very hectic, especially for those brave enough to play it in Hardcore mode.

4) Stonehill Castle


Castles are one of the most popular things to build in Minecraft. There are, of course, many reasons for this; they are challenging to build, look great, and provide good protection.

But sometimes players want a fully furnished castle ready to go, and that's what they get with the free Stonehill Castle DLC. With a vast castle and surrounding buildings ready to explore, players can enjoy the ultimate medieval experience with ten free skins.

5) Farm Life


Farming is undoubtedly a huge part of Minecraft, and with this amazing DLC, gamers can find themselves farming front and center. This DLC adds so much to farming, with new crops, mobs, machinery, and a driveable tractor.

Players will work through the farming ranks as they complete quests and strive to have the biggest and most successful farm in the blocky world.

6) Among Dinosaurs


Minecraft certainly has its fair share of mobs, but it lacks dinosaurs. The Among Dinosaurs DLC changes that by adding multiple species of dinosaurs to discover ancient plants, fossils, and quests to complete.

On top of that, as players make their way through the prehistoric world, they can don some new outfits, thanks to the multiple skins in this free DLC.

7) Disaster Defense


When preparing a Minecraft base, players usually only have to worry about creeper explosions and keeping the zombies and skeletons at bay. However, with the Disaster Defense DLC, players can see how they can create houses that can withstand natural disasters.

Partly educational, and all fun, this DLC is well worth the experience of trying to survive not just regular Minecraft but all of Mother Nature.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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