7 most overpowered Minecraft enchantments in 2022

Minecraft Enchantments
There are a bunch of enchantments in Minecraft that are highly powerful (Image via Sportskeeda)

To survive in Minecraft, every player relies on weapons and tools that have various functions to save them from dying. While some of these need to be crafted, others can be found as loot in several areas and chests.

But to make these tools and weapons more powerful, one needs to attach an enchantment to it that adds a unique power-up to the respective gear. However, to apply them, players need an enchanting table or enchanted books.


Once players have either of them, they can use whatever enchantment they find in the world that can be of use to them. While some are weak and do not offer much value as an upgrade, there are others that have proved themselves to be highly powerful.

Here are the 7 strongest enchantments in Minecraft that players can use.

7 highly powerful enchantments players should try in Minecraft

1) Unbreaking


Durability is one of the key factors every Minecraft player looks for in a weapon. Some gear in the game often break easily as players continue to use them.

To prevent this and increase the durability of any weapon or tool, an Unbreaking enchantment is applied to it. With it active, these items last way longer than usual, with Unbreaking level 3 increasing the durability of any item by 700%. Most commonly, it is applied on rare items such as Elytra, Diamond or Netherite tools and weapons.

2) Sharpness


Sharpness is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft that increases the power of any edged weapon or tool used in Minecraft for cutting and slashing. Players can apply it to a sword or axe in the game.

Applying this increases the damage inflicted by these weapons. A sharper sword or axe can be used to kill mobs in a quicker and easier manner. Meanwhile, players can also break wood faster with a sharper axe.

3) Fire Protection


Fire protection is a life-saving enchantment that players should opt for before stepping into the Nether realm. They can apply it to their armor and weapons to save themselves from the Blazes and get immunity against fire.

Once the enchantment is applied to any item, it removes any kind of fire damage. The unique thing is that it increases immunity with every item that the player uses it on and wears.

For instance, with a total of four levels, they can get an additional 8% of protection with each new addition. So, with a fully charged single piece of armor, they can get up to 32% protection from fire.

4) Respiration


Another enchantment that helps players gain the ultimate power to survive in the world of Minecraft is Respiration. However, it is only exclusive to helmets, which means they need to own one to use it.

It allows players to hold their breath underwater for a longer period of time. Earlier, it was considered overpowered as it was also used to give players enhanced vision underwater, but Mojang removed it from the new versions of the game.

5) Loyalty on trident


In Minecraft, players have the ability to use a trident for their underwater adventures while they explore the ocean world. However, it tends to get lost sometimes in the deep blue when they throw it far away.

To make it return back into the player's hands just like Thor's hammer, a Loyalty enchantment is applied to it. It has three levels, leading to an upgrade in the return speed of the Trident.

Upon application, whenever players throw it, and it comes in contact with any block or entity, it comes back. It will deal the damage it usually does, but instead of being stuck, it will make its way back.

6) Protection


To get the best armor in Minecraft and have immunity against several elements in the world across different biomes, the Protection enchantment comes in handy. It is used to increase the general armor’s damage reduction and a lot more.

It also provides protection from fire, blasts, projectiles, and falling at some levels too. Players can reduce any type of damage with protection enchanted armor. Protection has four levels and is one of the most important survival Minecraft enchantments. However, it doesn't protect from hunger, poison or falling into the void.

7) Infinity


Ever wanted to fire arrows without having to worry about running out of them? This enchantment helps players achieve that. Infinity is used mostly on bows as it grants a unique ability to get infinite arrows.

This comes useful when players go against the Ender Dragon or enemies from the Nether world where using enchanted arrows is their best bet at survival. So, if players only have one arrow in their inventory and their bow has this enchantment, they are on the better side of the trade.

Unlike others, this doesn’t have any levels as players can’t go beyond infinity.

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