7 best Minecraft hot air balloon builds

Hot air balloon builds make looking up at the sky especially beautiful (Image via Youtube/Kwell)
Hot air balloon builds make looking up at the sky especially beautiful (Image via Youtube/Kwell)

Players in the world of Minecraft have the ability to build astonishing constructions, only being constrained by their creativity. Hot air balloons stand out as whimsical marvels soaring elegantly in the sky among the myriad astounding structures. The seven Minecraft hot air balloon builds listed in this article include a variety of ideas and styles that are guaranteed to appeal to gamers of all interests and inclinations, from fantasy-themed masterpieces to survival bases.

So let's travel virtually and discover the amazing beauties of the best hot air balloon creations in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Minecraft hot air balloon builds are extraordinary

1) Fantasy hot air balloon


Create a fantastical hot air balloon and set out on a fascinating journey. Give the basket magical embellishments and wings to make it appear like a flying fantasy house. You'll be whisked away to a world of magical wonder by the vivid colors and elaborate decorations.

This build is extremely intricate and would take a lot of time to completely perfect. It's a very cute house that would stand out anywhere it's built but would look particularly good on a fantasy server. This build was designed by the YouTuber Aeten.

2) Hot air balloon with download option


This build has a download option, so you can just receive it if you don't know how to build well or don't want to deal with the inconvenience. You can even share this design easily with your Minecraft friends so they can enjoy the thrill of floating through the virtual skies in their very own hot air balloon. By doing so, a larger group of people might be inspired by and delighted with your magnificent creation.

The hot air balloons in this build look unique and beautiful, filling the sky with various colors. This tutorial was created by the Minecraft YouTuber and builder Trydar.

3) Hot air balloon survival base


This hot air balloon survival stronghold can elevate your survival gaming. Create a mobile, safe haven in the air so you may live in the world of Minecraft from a different perspective. A floating base is an excellent complement to any survival experience since it offers both safety and an amazing view of your whole surroundings.

These builds are made to look like Minecraft skulls, specifically like a creeper, enderman, and so on. If you're interested in building a hot air balloon on a survival server, these would make for incredible builds. This hot air balloon build was designed by the fantastic YouTuber ManDooMiN.

4) Steampunk hot air balloon


Create a steampunk hot air balloon to combine the worlds of fantasy and technology. This hot air balloon looks like it uses metal details to combine an industrial look with a whimsical hot air balloon theme. With this build, you'll enter a world where magic and science get along splendidly.

This is quite an easy build which you can construct by following a tutorial made by the fantastic YouTuber Twin Saw. If you're big into steampunk Minecraft designs, this build will surely interest you.

5) Heart-shaped hot air balloon


Hot air balloons in the shape of hearts are romantic icons that bring warmth to your Minecraft environment. Share the love with one today. Imagine yourself and your significant other floating through the clouds while admiring breath-taking sights of the pixelated environment.

This build would make for an amazing birthday build, or even a valentines day build for you and your lover. This is an extremely cute build that makes use of the colors red and white. The splendid tutorial was made by the YouTuber Wheelassassin Guides.

6) Hot Air Balloon with a House Inside


Build a hot air balloon that has a completely functional bedroom room to combine functionality with beauty. Create a complex interior layout with a cozy fireplace, living areas, and storage areas. This construction skillfully combines the fun of hot air balloons with the usefulness of a house.

This build uses green as one of the colors shown off on the outside of the build, which is quite unique. Building a hot air balloon with a house inside it can be fun, but it's not always practical as it can be quite a challenge to get inside when necessary. This amazing design was created by the YouTuber armun.

7) Rainbow hot air balloon


Create a rainbow hot air balloon to add a splash of color to your Minecraft world. Use a colorful palette of wool blocks to fashion a striking work of art that will inspire joy and goodwill. Prepare to soar amidst a vibrant range of colors.

This build looks extremely beautiful and truly stands out against the normal sky. It's an easy and small build, so anyone new to building will have no trouble at all getting this done. Kwell is the YouTuber behind this rainbow hot air balloon tutorial.