Dream's 5 best moments in the Minecraft Championship (MCC)

Dream has consistently been a feared competitor in the Minecraft Championships (Image via Minecraft Championships)
Dream has consistently been a feared competitor in the Minecraft Championships (Image via Minecraft Championships)
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Clay "Dream," has built a reputation for himself as a feared and revered participant in the Minecraft Championships. He's been competing in the event almost consistently since his first tournament, Minecraft Championship 6.

The Minecraft Championships, also known as MCC, are a monthly series of tournaments held and created through the combined efforts of The Noxcrew and Scott "Smajor." The latter is responsible for assigning competitors to each of the ten teams, while the former's team takes care of technical aspects such as map design and programming the event.

The event features ten teams made up of four randomly assigned competitors who fight their way through nine minigames designed to test a variety of skills within Minecraft.

These in-game skills can include talent-based skills like parkour or player-versus-player combat. Or they can involve something like teamwork or puzzle solving.

Dream is well known outside of the championships for being a very skilled and talented player, which is reflected in his performances during MCC.

Without further ado, here are five of Dream's most insane moments from the Minecraft Championships.

5 of Dream's most insane moments in Minecraft Championships

5) MCC 6 lava clutch


Dream's first-ever event he participated in was Minecraft Championship 6. Despite it being the first time he'd ever competed in the tournament, he still managed to pull off one of the most insane plays at Battle Box.

After he's almost knocked into the lava and removed from the round, he miraculously bounces out, survives, and eliminates all four members of Team Red Rabbits. Team Red Rabbits consisted of steph0sims, Smallishbeans, TheOrionSound, and LDShadowLady.

4) MCC 8 Dodgebolt tiebreaker


On Team Pink Parrots, alongside Technoblade, Dream and his teammates managed to earn their way into competing for the win in the final activity of the Minecraft Championship 8, Dodgebolt.

It was a close match, with Team Aqua Axolotls, comprising HBomb94, Smallishbeans, Quig, and fWhip, matching every point that Team Pink Parrots would get on them. In the end, both teams had two points, and the tiebreaker came down to the third and final match.

Dream and Liam "HBomb94" were the last ones standing during this final round, with the victory of their teams resting on their backs. The faceless speedrunner managed to get the final shot on the latter, and after a tense and prolonged final round, the championship victory went to Team Pink Parrots.

3) MCC 9 Battle Box


Player-versus-player combat is one of the skills that Dream is known for outside of the Minecraft Championships. He's massively talented at fighting in-game, and this is shown during the combat-based minigames throughout the event.

In Minecraft Championship 9, he was teamed with Team Lime Llamas, consisting of Fundy, Tubbo, and Sylvee. With the help of the talented speedrunner, the team of four managed to completely dominate the minigame, coming in first place with a whopping coin total of 3,580.

Dream himself secured fourteen kills and managed to get an ace along the road to victory for Team Lime Llamas.

2) MCC 15 Survival Games


Survival Games are one of the most commonly known minigames that focus heavily on teamwork and player-versus-player combat. While other factors within the event try to take the foot off the minigame's heavy pedal associated with player-versus-player combat, that didn't stop the faceless speedrunner and his team from dominating the minigame's scoreboards based on kills alone.

In Minecraft Championship 15, alongside Team Red Rabbits with members GeorgeNotFound, Quackity, and Michaelmcchill, Dream managed to slaughter enough competitors over the course of the round to earn over three thousand more coins than the second place victor, Team Orange Ocelots.

1) MCC 11 Parkour Warrior


One of the most iconic moments in the history of the event, as well as for the green man himself, happened during Minecraft Championship 11.

Dream is no stranger to complex parkour and making decisions on the fly, so the speedrunner blazed ahead of everyone else, including his own team, in Parkour Warrior. So much so, in fact, that he did the impossible and reached the end of the increasingly difficult map before any other competitor.

This was a huge victory for the speedrunner and his team but a grave moment for the developers and map designers, as one of them joined the game shortly after seeing that the speedrunner was close to completing the map just to blow it up after he did.

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