TommyInnit's 5 best moments in the Minecraft Championships (MCC)

TommyInnit has been a memorable reoccurring competitor in the Minecraft Championships (Image via TommyVODS on YouTube)
TommyInnit has been a memorable reoccurring competitor in the Minecraft Championships (Image via TommyVODS on YouTube)
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Tommy "TommyInnit" Simons has been a consistently memorable participant in the Minecraft Championships since his debut during the second-ever event on February 9, 2020.

The Minecraft Championships (MCC) are a series of events coordinated through the efforts of both the Noxcrew and Scott "Smajor" Major. The latter is infamous for his monthly task of assigning four members to each of the ten teams competing in the Minecraft Championships.

Tommy has been a very memorable competitor while participating in the Minecraft Championships. Although he has only won the overall event twice, he's made plenty of memories. He has always been a strong, encouraging, and assertive voice within his team during each Minecraft Championship.

That said, many fans might be wondering what have been the best and most memorable moments from the young content creator's time competing at the Minecraft Championships? Without further ado, here are the five most memorable moments of TommyInnit in MCC.

Disclaimer: This article contains the author's views. It is up to the reader to decide which moments would, personally, be ranked on this list.

5 of the most memorable TommyInnit moments throughout the Minecraft Championships

5) "If we win, we're going to Wyoming"


Minecraft Championship (MCC) All-Stars began with a bang from Tommy's perspective. After un-muting and joining the rest of his teammates on a call, he's immediately pressed to explain his "winning" plan to travel to Wyoming by Phil "Ph1LzA" Watson.

Tommy cackles, explaining in detail his grand plan to go on a month-long retreat with his three teammates if they win Minecraft Championship (MCC) All-Stars:

"Phil, if we win we're going to Wyoming for a month! Basically, it's kind of... if we win we're going to go to Wyoming for a month. And we're going to sit in silence, you're allowed to sigh, we aren't. If we do anything disagreeable then Kristen, your wife, she will shoot us with a bolt action rifle."

Although this grand plan didn't see the light of day, it was quite the opening to this particular Minecraft Championship.

4) Tommy's Sky Battle clutch


Minecraft Championship 14 held one of Tommy's most memorable and skilled plays. In the minigame "Sky Battle," all forty competitors had their player-versus-player and speed bridging skills put to the test. One wrong step, or one hit, could send participants barreling into the void below.

Tommy, being the last member of his team left alive, pulled off an incredible play when he placed creepers at the entrance to Team Lime Llamas' bridge, ran to the back, then put more as he leaped out of the bridge and built up to safety. This maneuver not only killed two of the four competitors but brought his team up from eighth to seventh in the final moments of the minigame.

3) Tommy wins Minecraft Championship 19


Tommy, although a memorable competitor, hasn't won that many Minecraft Championships. That is, until Minecraft Championship 19.

He was on Team Teal Turkeys alongside Phil "Ph1LzA" Watson, Brendan "Sneegsnag" Thro, and Nick "Sapnap," making a powerful team of four. In the end, their team managed to rise and claim victory in the final minigame, Dodgebolt.

This victory was the second time Tommy's been on a winning team, as the young content creator hadn't won previously since Minecraft Championship 4.

2) Sleepy Bois Inc


One of the most memorable combinations of content creators came from Minecraft Championship 4. Tommy was assigned to Team Purple Pandas (or Sleepy Bois Inc), which consisted of himself, Ph1LzA, Will "Wilbur Soot" Gold, and Technoblade.

Despite being friends before the tournament, the four had an undeniable chemistry that made the fourth event such a joy to watch from their team's perspective. What's more? Sleepy Bois Inc claimed a well-deserved victory during the event.

Ever since, fans have wanted a reunion between the four for another Minecraft Championship.

1) "Just killed a woman, feeling good"


One of Tommy's trademark quotes came from a round of Rocket Spleef during Minecraft Championship 4.

After managing to knock Team Yellow Yak's Katherine Elizabeth out of the round, he calmly announced to the rest of his team:

"Just killed a woman, feeling good."

The comment immediately spurred bouts of laughter from the rest of his team and became one of Tommy's most memorable and iconic quotes.

What are your favorite TommyInnit MCC moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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