How to invite someone to a Minecraft realm

Minecraft Realms allows players to play in a private server (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft Realms allows players to play in a private server (Image via Minecraft)
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Minecraft is a game that is best enjoyed with friends. While the single-player version of the game is loved and adored by all, giving players the opportunity to explore and learn the mechanics of the game on their own, multiplayer allows players to do that with others.

Single-player worlds are also great for attempting speed runs or for completing achievements. However, Minecraft’s vanilla content may get boring after a while. This is where Minecraft Realms comes in.


There are thousands of servers available to play on right now. Many are open to all players, while others are paid. However, the issue here is that some players may not get to play on their desired servers. This can be due to reasons like server queue, high ping, etc. Realms, however, allows players to make their own official server and play on it privately with friends.

Minecraft: A guide to inviting players to Realms

There are three different ways that players can use to invite other players to their Realm. Players must own a copy of the game as a pre-requisite. They must also have an Xbox gamertag or a Microsoft account. In the case of the following three consoles, players must have their respective service subscriptions:

  • Xbox: Xbox Live Gold
  • PlayStation 4 and 5: PlayStation Plus
  • Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch Online

The three methods to invite another player to a Realm are as follows:

1) Inviting via Share Link (PC)


One of the easiest methods to invite a player to Minecraft Realms is through the PC platform. In order to achieve this, players must simply invite their friends using the Share Link option. The steps for this are given below:

  • Open the game and select the Play button.
  • There is a button known as Edit adjacent to every Realm. Players must click this button beside the Realm they want their friend to join.
  • Navigate to the Members tab.
  • Select the Share Link option. A link will be generated, which can be shared among friends. Clicking on this link will allow players to join the relevant Realm.

2) Inviting using Gamertag


When an Xbox player makes their Xbox or Microsoft account, they get a unique string of numbers assigned to their online alias. To avoid mishaps and confusion, Microsoft has made it so that each player can only change their gamertag for free once. This gamertag allows Realm hosts to invite players to their servers.

Hosts can identify which players to invite by clicking on their gamertag and inviting them to the game (clicking the “Invite to game" option). The players who receive it just need to accept their invites by clicking “Proceed.”

3) Inviting via Share Play (Consoles)


This method is quite similar to Step 1 Players have to follow the steps as listed below:

  • Navigate to the game and select the Play button.
  • Click on the icon shaped like a pencil which is next to the Realm’s name.
  • Select the Members option.
  • A list of the player's friends will appear. They can be uninvited from this list, generating an invite code. Copying and pasting this code will allow players to join the host’s Realm.

When considering using the Minecraft Realms service, players need to know that they need to purchase a monthly subscription to use it. However, it beats waiting to get into high-population servers and provides the player with their very own world, in which they are free to do whatever they want.

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