5 best public servers for Minecraft Java Edition in 2022

Players can join servers in Minecraft to have a truly unique experience (Image via Avi Wolfe/YouTube)
Players can join servers in Minecraft to have a truly unique experience (Image via Avi Wolfe/YouTube)
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Minecraft is a great game for building a sense of community with other gamers. With so many active members, some have formed servers that allow them to play with people from all over the world.

While there are many servers available, some of them stand out from the crowd for being rich in features, gaining subsequent popularity.

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Here are 5 of the best public servers for Minecraft Java Edition in 2022.

5 of the best public servers for players of Minecraft Java Edition in 2022


Players can join a Minecraft server pretty easily. First, they need to locate a server that matches their interests. Some are for PvE and PvP, while others are just for social.

Once they find a world they like, they need to get the IP address to the server. Players can then hit Multiplayer, type in the IP address, and be off to the wonderful server worlds!

1) Mineplex


Players who are looking for a big server with a lot of things to do should look no further than Mineplex. Since it is the largest server, players will have no shortage of players to interact with.

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One of the best parts of the world is that it includes both regular players and the staff of the server. Players will also be able to partake in activities such as the following:

  • Block Hunt
  • Sky Wars
  • Bridges
  • Cake Wars
  • Clans

There really is something available for everyone on this server. Players can join this server by inputting the IP address, which is or depending on the region.

2) Piratecraft


For players looking to sail the seven seas and plunder some pirate treasure, this is the server for them. A pirate-themed server is going to have a lot of cutthroat PvP, and if that's what players are looking for, they will find it here.

Players can steal each other's ships and plunder their treasure, making every exploration and a unique adventure in itself.

The IP address of the server is

To see Creeper Minecraft, click here.

If players are looking for a pirate themed server without the presence of griefers, they can also build in designated safe areas. Players who build in these spots will be protected and their valuables will be secured.

They should keep in mind, however, that outside of those areas, they will be free game for any opposing pirates.

3) The Mining Dead


Some players are in search of a zombie apocalypse. While there are a lot of zombie apocalypse-themed servers in Minecraft, The Mining Dead has been around for a while and has a dedicated player base.

Moreover, they have perfected the formula to make the server feel unique and immersive. Players will have the ability to do the following:

  • Participate in both PvE and PvP
  • In DayZ fashion, players will need to scrounge together the resources, wit, and skill to make it out alive
  • For players looking to take their survival experience to overdrive, this will pit players against players and mobs alike

This server is an incredible experience for anyone who likes to have the experience of Minecraft while also looking to partake in an actual zombie apocalypse.

Players can join this server using the IP address and selecting the Minecraft Survival Server.

4) Among Us


For players looking to combine two popular games, this server has a pretty faithful recreation of Among Us and Minecraft. Players will take part in a game along the lines of Among Us, using social deduction and reasoning to find out the imposter.

Players will need to perform tasks and survive to avoid being defeated by the imposter.

The IP address for the Among Us server is

Players who are faithful to both games will appreciate how this server uses different aspects of Minecraft to recreate some mechanics from Among Us. They can use a boss health bar to show task progress and a compass to show players their next objective.

Check out the Minecraftwiki here.

5) Pixelmoncraft


No Minecraft server list would be complete without this wonderful server. A perfect blend of Pokémon and Minecraft, players can do almost anything they can in the actual Pokémon game.

The server has aspects such as exploring recreations of the Pokémon world, capturing Pokémon, battling them, and even fighting gym leaders.

Players looking for something different from the average Minecraft world can join one of two servers:

  • IP for a Pokémon safari experience
  • IP for the classic Pixelmoncraft

Each of the two servers will give players a novel experience. Players looking for more of a classic experience should join the regular server. The safari server is different in that it's more mini-game oriented.

Players can switch between the two, depending on their current mood. But players cannot go wrong when combining these two amazing games.

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