How to make a window in Minecraft 1.18

Players of Minecraft can make glass easily by following a few simple steps (Image via EKGaming/YouTube)
Players of Minecraft can make glass easily by following a few simple steps (Image via EKGaming/YouTube)
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In Minecraft, there are many different blocks that players can craft. There are standard blocks, such as wood and stone, that players can gather during their time in-game.

However, there are also other blocks, such as glass, that players can use for decorative purposes. There are a few different kinds of glass in Minecraft. Players can craft a number of items with glass, such as windows.

How players can make a window in Minecraft 1.18


Players can make different kinds of glass in Minecraft. For example, the standard glass decorative block can be used as windows. There are also different types of blocks, such as glass panes, which look a bit nicer, as well as different tinted glass.

Players can tint the glass their favorite color using dye and can make some amazing stained glass designs using it.

Step 1: Make a Furnace


Glass can be made by smelting sand or red sand inside of a furnace. The first step is to create a furnace using eight cobblestones Combine the cobblestone at a crafting table to create the furnace. Then, players can simply place the furnace where they want.

Step 2: Gather sand


Players can find sand in many different biomes, particularly desert biomes. However, sand generates naturally by lakes and rivers as well as beaches. Players can harvest the sand using any tool, even their hands. However, using a shovel is the fastest way for players to harvest a lot of sand.

Step 3: Load up the furnace with sand and fuel


Once players have successfully created their furnace and found some sand, it's time to stock up the furnace. Players can do this by using logs, or can put in a more effective fuel such as coal, or even a bucket of lava for maximum effectiveness.

Once they place the fuel in the bottom slot of the furnace, they should place the sand on top to start the smelting process.

Step 4: Wait for the furnace to smelt the sand into glass


Once players have stocked the furnace, if done correctly, they will see the furnace light up. This means that the smelting process is ongoing. Then, players simply need to wait for the process be completed. Once it is complete, they can take the completed glass out of the output slot of the furnace.

Players can then place the glass where they want and create windows in their worlds.

With extra ingredients, players can create Stained Glass, Tinted Glass and Glass Panes in Minecraft


Players can take glass blocks and create other forms of glass. By combining six glass blocks in a crafting table, they can create glass panes. In addition, they can combine eight glass blocks and one dye color of their choice in order to create stained glass. Finally, players can create tinted glass using four amethyst shards and one glass block.

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