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Minecraft Stone

Stone is one of the most common blocks in Minecraft that has a smoother texture than cobblestone, which provides a better look in the construction of buildings. To obtain stone from mining, use a pickaxe with the Silk Touch attachment. It can also be found in chests in villages with stonemasons. It can also be made by smelting cobblestone in a furnace. Stones can be used as an ingredient in crafting Redstone repeater, or trading for emeralds with stonemasons. It is also worth mentioning that it can be cut into various shapes for different purposes in the construction of buildings.

Despite stone being everywhere you may not have too much as every time you mine stone, without silk touch, you will get cobblestone instead. Having a lot of stone on hand is really only useful for builds and homes, but you can make decorative pieces out of stone.

Renewable?Blast ResistanceHardnessTool
Yes61.5At least a wooden pickaxe

How do you get Stone in Minecraft?

There are many different ways to gather stone in Minecraft. The most common would be to smelt it yourself. You can also generate stone if you do not want to terraform the land around you.

Natural Generation

Stone will generate on mountains and three layers below the dirt. Stone is by far one of the most common blocks in the game and you will gather copious amounts of stone by mining for minerals and ores.

Minecraft Stones

Stone is everywhere and has a similar texture on all six sides.

Chest Loot

You may also find villages with stonemasons. There can be a chest that generates in their house that has a small amount of stone in them.

Chest Loot

Not many chests will contain stone, in fact, the stone mason’s chest is the only one that can generate with a stone inside.

Water and Lava

Pouring lava on top of water results in the stone being generated.

Water and Lava

This arrangement is a little different than most lava and water generators as when lava and flowing water come into contact, it will generate cobblestone. However, lava pouring onto a flowing water block will generate regular stone.


Finally, the most common method for gathering stone is to utilize a furnace to cook cobblestone. Cooking cobblestone will smooth out its rough edges and produce regular stone.

Smelting in Minecraft

If you want to build with stone or smooth stone, I would recommend getting multiple furnaces cooking cobblestone to save on time.

What is Stone used for in Minecraft?


Silverfish are a hostile mob that can burrow into stone. Silverfish do not spawn naturally and can only come from silverfish spawners and naturally generated infested stone. Infested stone looks identical to regular stone, but when broken it will spawn a silverfish! Spawning silverfish with commands or spawn eggs on top of stone will result in the silverfish burrowing into the stone creating an infested stone block.

Silver Fish Minecraft

An infested block is much easier to break than a regular stone, but it may be difficult to notice if you are idly mining with a pickaxe. Upon breaking an infested stone block, the silverfish may call out to other nearby silverfish in infested blocks, causing a swarm of silverfish. Mining an infested block with a silk touch tool will not result in the silverfish spawning and instead, you will get a regular stone block.

Smelting Ingredient

Cobblestone can be smelted into stone. If you smelt stone again it will turn into smooth stone.

Crafting a Smooth Stone

Smooth stones can be used to craft stairs, slabs, and are used in specific recipes like an armor stand.

Crafting Ingredient

Regular stone is used in eight different recipes. Two of them are for Redstone gadgets, the Redstone comparator, and the Redstone repeater. A comparator is made as shown below, and they are very useful for Redstone devices. They can check the states of the block they are next to.

Crafting a redstone comparator in Minecraft

Redstone repeaters are made with three stones, two Redstone torches, and Redstone dust.

Crafting a redstone repeater in Minecraft

You can craft input blocks like pressure plates and buttons. Stone pressure plates are made with two stones. Stone pressure plates are unique as they will only detect players and mobs that step on them rather than all entities.

Crafting a stone pressure plate

A stone button is made by placing just one stone in the crafting menu. This button will emit a Redstone pulse and does not have any special entity detecting capabilities.

Crafting a stone button

Also, the regular stone is used to craft stone bricks, slabs, and stairs. Stone bricks are made with four stones in a square, yielding four stone bricks.

Crafting stone bricks

Stone slabs were made by placing three stones in a row.

Crafting a stone slab

Stairs are made by arranging six stones in the crafting table.

Crafting stone stairs

Finally, you can craft the job block for stonemasons and save yourself some stone with stonecutters.

Crafting stonecutter


Stonecutters are useful if you do not need the full amount that each recipe can yield. A stonecutter helps cut out the crafting marathon required to make stone bricks or what stone bricks can be made into.

Stone cutter UI

Each recipe will require only one stone per use.


Stonemasons will trade various stone blocks for emeralds and vice versa. They can be used to turn emeralds into bricks, quartz, and terracotta. They will also accept various stone blocks for emeralds making them fairly useful for turning your cobblestone empire into an emerald empire.

Minecraft trading


What kind of rock is Minecraft Stone?

Funnily enough, most geologists call Minecraft stone the bedrock layer. Bedrock is the name for the rock below the earth’s surface soil. Despite bedrock existing in Minecraft, the real-world equivalent for stone would most likely be bedrock.

What is the strongest stone in Minecraft?

The strongest stone in Minecraft is undeniably bedrock as it is unbreakable in survival. If looking at just obtainable blocks, the end stone is the strongest with the highest blast resistance of all the stones coming in at nine total blast resistance. Many of the stones including brick, diorite, andesite, and granite all have around six blast resistance.

Is Stone stronger than Cobblestone Minecraft?

They both have similar blast resistance, but cobblestone has a longer mining time. This data means that technically cobblestone is stronger than stone.

What blocks look good with Stone?

In my opinion, stone looks best as a trim for builds. Use them as pillars or foundations to line your builds with something that seems solid. Simple wood planks look nice with stone blocks and you can alternate between planks and stones in a checkerboard pattern to make a nice flooring. I personally prefer the texture of stone bricks or cobblestone more than regular stone.

Minecraft stones top view

Stone has a smooth regular texture so it plays nicely with blocks that also have a smooth texture or pattern in them. The tops of logs work nicely with stone. Basalt works well with stone, from the tops or sides, as they both have similar coloration, but enough difference to help them stand out from each other.

Minecraft Stones

Of course, what looks best is up for debate. Use stone wherever it seems to make sense or looks nice. Be creative and enjoy what stone blocks have to offer.

How do you make a Stone Slab?

Stone slabs are made in a crafting table with three stone blocks in a row. You can also make stone slabs in a stonecutter by placing stones in the left slot and selecting slabs. This has the benefit of only using one stone at a time to get two slabs rather than three stones to make six slabs.

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