How to play Bedwars on Minecraft Education Edition

Bedwars is arguably the most popular game mode in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Education Edition/YouTube)
Bedwars is arguably the most popular game mode in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Education Edition/YouTube)
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Zachary Roberts

There are tons of great game modes in Minecraft, and generally speaking, players play one of Survival, Creative, or Adventure. Those are the modes afforded to them through the game whenever they create a game. Setting up a world has those game options, but there are several others they can do within those.

Servers often exist to give players a way to play these modes. There are modes like SkyWars, Faction, Prison, PvP, Towny, and Bedwars. The last one is arguably the most popular game mode, and entire worlds and servers are dedicated to just that.

Bedwars is a unique experience (Image via OneBlock MC Server)
Bedwars is a unique experience (Image via OneBlock MC Server)

One version of the game, Minecraft Education Edition, might seem like it doesn't have access to modes like that. It's such a different experience that normal games don't seem possible, but Bedwars is. Here's how to do it.

Getting Bedwars into Minecraft Education Edition

The simplest way of getting Bedwars into Education Edition is by downloading a file. There are several good places to find safe files to download for use.


Players can visit MediaFire to find a Bedwars file compatible with Education Edition. Clicking the download button will start the download of the .mcworld file. Once that's finished, gamers can open Minecraft Education Edition.

In the main menu, there is an option to create a new world, join a new world, or import files. Crafters will need to select the import option. That will open up the file location, where users can navigate to and select the correct .mcworld file.

They can then click to view their worlds. Minecraft gamers will need to select the first option, which should be the new Bedwars file. They can then play Bedwars on Education Edition.

The alternative is to create their own version, which is challenging but doable. All Bedwars worlds and servers have to be made, so it is possible. Education Edition has all the capabilities that the base game has.


Players can begin by designing the course. All good Bedwars courses provide challenges and are fun. That can be as hard or as fun as the designer wants.

The key to a Bedwars world is that they win when a user gets to the bed. They have to break the bed to win, which can be done with command blocks, but the mode is over after that.

Command blocks can essentially make almost anything possible. Game rules are the customizable settings for a world, and they can be changed to make breaking a bed a "victory."

The /gamerule command will suffice in this scenario. Java Edition typically has more capability with this command than Bedrock.

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