How to play Minecraft beta versions in 2022

Beta versions of Minecraft help Mojang make improvements (Image via Minecraft)
Beta versions of Minecraft help Mojang make improvements (Image via Minecraft)

Every video game goes through various testing phases, and Minecraft is no different. The Xbox Insider program is a beta testing phase for Bedrock Edition that introduces new and changed features to players willing to participate in the beta. However, the program is only available for Windows 10, Xbox One and Android versions of the game.

Over in Java Edition, beta testing is done through the snapshots mentioned above, followed by pre-releases. While snapshots introduce the latest features, changes and bug fixes as a first draft, pre-releases are closer to the final build, their purpose being to needle out those last few pesky bugs and glitches.


This article will tell players exactly how they can participate and play the beta versions for the Bedrock and Java Editions of the game.

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Minecraft beta versions: How to enroll and play

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Windows 10 and Xbox One)

  • The player must first sign in to their Microsoft account.
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Store and write "Xbox Insider Hub" in the search box.
  • Download and open the application.
  • Navigate to "Insider content", and then "Minecraft" (Xbox One) or Minecraft for Windows 10 (Windows 10).
  • Press the tab that says "Join".
  • Wait for the "pending" sign to go away. Following that, the player will successfully be a part of the Bedrock beta program.
  • Download and open Minecraft via the launcher.
  • Click the "update" button when prompted.

Note: Android players can enroll for the beta through the game's store page on the Google Play Store.

Minecraft: Java Edition

Minecraft Java reigns the PC Minecraft scene (Image via Minecraft)
Minecraft Java reigns the PC Minecraft scene (Image via Minecraft)
  • After logging into their Microsoft account, players must download the game's launcher from the Windows Store.
  • Install the game through the launcher.
  • Navigate to the "Installations" tab beside the "Play".
  • On the top right of the screen, make sure the "Snapshots" box is ticked under the "Versions" tab.
  • Navigate back to the "Play" window and click on the tab to the "Play" button's left.
  • Select the "Latest Snapshot" option from the list.
  • After the download is complete, launch and enjoy the latest snapshot.

Note: The same method can be used to play the "pre-release" versions of the game. Just make sure the "releases" box is ticked in the "Installations" tab.

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Minecraft has had many updates released for it over the years, in the form of experimental builds, snapshots, and finally, full versions. Considering statistical data from the game's past, the gap between the game's significant updates is usually around six months or so.

During this time, the developers gradually released some test builds for the game. All of these fall under the umbrella of beta testing for the game.

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