How to unlock golems in Minecraft Legends

Cobblestone golems battle piglins in Minecraft Legends (Image via Mojang)
Cobblestone golems battle piglins in Minecraft Legends (Image via Mojang)

As Minecraft Legends players battle the piglin invaders in the Overworld, they will enlist the help of plenty of in-game mobs. Among them are the golems, creatures made of different materials that are capable of performing different roles within a hero's army.

Heroes will begin with two golem types unlocked from the beginning of the campaign: Cobblestone and Plank Golems. Cobblestone Golems excel at direct melee combat, while Plank Golems perform well in ranged battles.


However, players in Minecraft Legends can unlock two additional standard golems. They can also summon The Firsts, which are powerful ancient golems that can be a huge help.

Each golem in Minecraft Legends has different unlock requirements, so it doesn't hurt to examine each one.

What to do to unlock each golem in Minecraft Legends


Including the First Golems, there are a grand total of eight golems that can be summoned to assist heroes in combat. There are four standard golems and four First Golems that can be awakened and recruited to a player's side.

Standard golems are easier to recruit and can be picked up by progressing through the game's Story Mode. However, awakening the First Golems requires a little more effort on the hero's part, and they'll need to go out of their way on the game map to find them.

Here's how to unlock each golem in Minecraft Legends:

  • Plank and Cobblestone Golems - Unlocked by default at the start of the campaign.
  • Mossy and Grindstone Golems - Construct the Gather Iron Improvement.
  • First Golems - Using the Well of Fate, construct the Wake the Firsts improvement using 100 stone and 100 prismarine. Then, head out and awaken the First Golems by finding them on the game map. Check for question marks on your map and head to those locations, as this is where the First Golems can spawn. Once you find the golems, awaken them using 100 gold, and you should be able to bring them over to your side for battles.

That's all there is to it! Fortunately, most of the mobs in Minecraft Legends are fairly easy to unlock and summon.

Meanwhile, mobs like skeletons, zombies, and creepers will require players to head to specific settlements and clear out the invading piglins. This makes them a little trickier to unlock compared to simply building improvements to get standard golems.

First Golems can be tougher to acquire than other mobs in the game. However, they're such a useful asset to have in battle that it's absolutely worth seeking them out if at all possible.

As the future of Minecraft Legends unfolds, Mojang and Blackbird Interactive may very well add new DLCs that increase the roster of allies that heroes can summon. This is speculation, of course, but the developers have made it clear that they'll be supporting this action/strategy spin-off for quite some time.

As new content is released, heroes will likely gain new friends to assist them in the battle to defeat the piglins and whatever threats arrive next to endanger the Overworld.

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