List of all official Minecraft games

Mojang has made a lot of Minecraft games (Image via Mojang)
Mojang has made a lot of Minecraft games (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Legends was just released, stretching the list of official Minecraft games. The original debuted in 2009, and there haven't been many outside endeavors for Mojang, its developer, since then. However, in recent years, two popular games have come from the company, suggesting they're ready to continue expanding their library. These games share things in common since they come from and are offshoots of Minecraft.

However, they all offer different things to do and ways to explore this game's realm. Mojang has not branched out very much for a developer, but they have at least expanded on what they made. Here's everything they have to offer.

All official Minecraft games are out now


Naturally, Mojang's most popular game is their original, Minecraft. It is genuinely their claim to fame, and there's no way any subsequent games would have been made without this one's success. The smash hit that has been out for almost 14 years is still gaining popularity.

It's one of the simplest games. All gamers need to do is collect resources and survive. They can build, craft, and do so much more, but the name of the game is just staying alive and gathering items.

This game comes in Bedrock and Java Editions. While they are different, they're not so different that they could reasonably be considered other games.

Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode was the first foray outside of the original and is one of the oldest Minecraft games. It was released in 2015 and gave characterization and life to Steve and Alex, who otherwise seem somewhat plain.

It was a story-based game, as the name suggests. This significantly differs from the original since Minecraft was always more open to the player's decisions. It didn't have but the slightest semblance of structure.

Minecraft Earth

One of the most interesting Minecraft games, Minecraft Earth, was an augmented reality version of the game. This game allowed players to explore the natural world as if it were a game. It promoted activity and more like Pokémon GO does for Niantic and The Pokémon Company.

Minecraft Earth debuted in 2019 (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Earth debuted in 2019 (Image via Mojang)

It began in 2019 and, unfortunately, only ran until 2021. It was shut down after the pandemic robbed people of the ability to play frequently.

Minecraft Dungeons


Minecraft Dungeons was another offshoot of the original. It used many of the same items, mobs, and settings but put them in a very different light. This dungeon crawler was much more concise and structured than its counterpart and remains very popular today.

Minecraft Legends


Releasing today, Legends makes the list of official games for Mojang stand at five. It's more similar to Dungeons than anything else, but it's still a different game. It is officially available as of noon EST so that players can download and play the action strategy and latest of the Minecraft games now.

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