List of all potions in Minecraft and their uses

The ingredients required to brew a potion in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
The ingredients required to brew a potion in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
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Brewing in Minecraft is a slightly advanced mechanic and requires ingredients that players will only find once they have gone to the Nether and got their hands on blaze roads and nether warts. However, potions can be of great use as they offer a variety of effects that can be useful.

The effects of potions in Minecraft can broadly be categorized into three categories: positive, negative, and mixed. They also come in three forms:

  1. Regular potion that can be consumed by gamers
  2. Splash potion created by adding gunpowder
  3. Lingering potion, which requires Dragons breath to be created.


Guide to all potions in Minecraft, along with their uses

Before brewing potions, certain items should be present with users, including a brewing stand, water bottles, blaze powder, and Nether warts.

Before adding any effect to a potion, they must create an Awkward potion using a water bottle and Nether warts. This acts as a base potion that can later be changed to any effect potion.

All types of splash potion in the game (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
All types of splash potion in the game (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Positive effect potions

These potions in Minecraft provide a positive effect to the players, which they can use to enhance their gameplay.

1) Potion of Healing

Made by adding Glistering Melon to the base potion, it gives instant health to users by restoring four hearts immediately. It can be further enhanced using redstone dust to restore eight hearts.

This can be useful in Minecraft games as gamers can be jumped by a mob and lose health. So, to avoid death from occurring during such situations, this potion can be of great help.

2) Potion of Fire Resistance

Fire resistance makes the player immune to lava (Image via Minecraft)
Fire resistance makes the player immune to lava (Image via Minecraft)

This potion comes in handy while traveling in the Nether, as players have a high probability of falling into huge lava lakes. To create it, Magma Cream is required, which initially gives three minutes of immunity to lava that can further be extended to eight minutes.

3) Potion of Regeneration

Like the Potion of Healing, this potion in Minecraft also provides health to users, but over a period of time. The regular potion restores health by half every 2.5 seconds, and when enhanced, it restores half a heart every 1.2 seconds.

Brewing can seem tedious as it requires Ghast Tears, which can only be obtained by killing a ghast. Even then, they do not drop it every time, which makes getting it arduous.

4) Potion of Strength


Created by adding Blaze Powder to the Awkward potion, Potion of Strength increases the players' melee attack damage by three for eight minutes. This potion can be helpful in PVP or when fighting mobs.

The potion can also be enhanced to increase the melee attack damage to 6, but for three minutes only. However, this much is also enough in Minecraft to defeat opposite players.

5) Potion of Swiftness

As the name suggests, this potion boosts the users' movement sprinting speeds, along with jumping length, by 20% for eight minutes. They can travel faster after having this potion and move quicker, which will help while fighting.

The swiftness can be heightened to 40% for three minutes by adding Glowstone dust.

6) Potion of Night Vision

This potion can be very advantageous, especially in the recent Minecraft update while exploring the caves. Due to a scarcity of light, gamers can hardly see in the caves. Hence, consuming the night vision potion will not only help them see everything at maximum light level but also help them see underwater.

This potion can be made by adding Golden carrot to the Awkward potion.

7) Potion of Invisibility

Players will become invisible after consuming this position, which could help them in a PvP, where they can surprise opponents. In doing so, they can get the upper hand in the fight.

This potion requires a Fermented Spider Eye.

8) Potion of Water Breathing

The water breathing potion allows players to breathe underwater with depletion in the oxygen bar (Image via Minecraft))
The water breathing potion allows players to breathe underwater with depletion in the oxygen bar (Image via Minecraft))

Potion of Water Breathing is a handy potion as it allows players to stay underwater for an extended period without worrying about surfacing regularly to collect oxygen. It prevents the oxygen level from depleting while underwater, making it easier to explore the ocean to the users' heart's desire.

To make this potion, Pufferfish is needed.

9) Potion of Leaping

Wouldn't it be nice if gamers could leap like a rabbit, traveling and climbing mountainous terrains? With the new Minecraft update, this would make gameplay easier.

The Potion of Leaping is the potion just for that. Made by a Rabbit's Foot, it increases gamers' jump height by half a block for eight minutes. The potion can be further enhanced to improve the jump height by one and a quarter blocks for one and a half minutes

10) Potion of Slow Falling

One of the most common ways for players to die in Minecraft is due to fall damage. Having a Potion of Slow Falling can save players' lives, as it not only lowers their fall rate but also prevents them from taking any damage when hitting the ground.

This potion requires Phantom Membrane, which can be challenging to acquire.

Negative effect potions


These Minecraft potions provide a harmful effect to players and can be of great use in PvP battles to injure enemies.

1) Potion of Poison

As the name suggests, this potion poisons players, leading to depletion of health by one every 1.25 seconds. It can also be enhanced to deal damage of one heart every 0.4 seconds.

This potion can be easily created using Spider Eye.

2) Potion of Weakness

Imagine, in a PvP fight, the opposite player is attacking, but no huge damage is being dealt. This potion reduces the player's melee attack damage by four.

Fermented Eye is added to Mundane Potion to make this potion.

3) Potion of Harming

This potion is the opposite of the Potion of Health, where it deals instant six damage to users. When enhanced, it can inflict 12 damage instantaneously.

To create this potion, the Potion of Poison has to first be made, to which Fermented Spider eye is added.

4) Potion of Slowness


As the name suggests, this potion slows Minecraft players down by 25%, and when enhanced to Slowness IV, it reduces their speed to 40% from the original speed for 0.20 seconds. To create this potion too, first, the Potion of Swiftness has to be made, to which a Fermented Spider eye is added.

Mixed effect potion

There is only one mixed effect potion, and it provides both a positive and a negative effect to gamers when consumed.


Potion of Turtle Master

This potion in Minecraft gives the player Slowness IV and Resistance III, resulting in a decrease in their speed and decreasing the incoming damage by 60%. When enhanced, it further decreases the speed by 90%, also reducing the incoming damage by 80%.

So, although users become very slow after consuming this potion, it provides them with very high resistance to incoming damage. Creating it can be tricky, as it requires a Turtle helmet, which can be made by scutes that are dropped by baby turtles.

Minecraft provides gamers with a wide array of potions, each with pros and cons. Though the game initially seems simple, it holds a lot of mechanics that they can explore.

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