Minecraft 1.21 update APK release date and expected launch time for Android devices

Minecraft Breeze
The Breeze is coming to the game (Image via Mojang Studios)

Minecraft players are overjoyed as they wait for the massive Tricky Trials update, which promises to bring a ton of new content to the game, including the Android version of the game. The Minecraft 1.21 update APK will be released on June 13, 2024 across all platforms. While the time of the release has not been confirmed, fans can expect the update to come in the first half of the day.

The Minecraft 1.21 update is one of the most impactful updates the game has seen in recent years. This update is geared to improve multiple aspects of the game, including combat, exploration, and even aesthetics. Here’s everything exciting coming to the game with the Tricky Trials update.

Minecraft 1.21 update is almost here

The Tricky Trials update (Image via Mojang Studios)
The Tricky Trials update (Image via Mojang Studios)

The Tricky Trials update focuses heavily on combat and exploration of the game. The update brings the trial chambers, a palatial structure that resembles a maze that players must explore. The trial chambers are filled with dangerous mobs but the one to look out for is the Breeze.

The Breeze is a newly added mob that is somewhat similar to the Blaze found in the Nether fortresses. But instead of attacking with fire charges, the Breeze uses wind charges. Defeating it would be quite difficult as it can deflect all projectile attacks, forcing players to get close to it.

Another new mob to look out for is the bogged, which is a variant of skeleton. But unlike the skeleton, it uses poisonous arrows, which can be difficult to deflect unless the player is carrying the shield. These are not the only mobs as the trial chambers are littered with general hostile mobs that can add to the difficulty.

But all the hard work and risk of exploring the trial chambers is worth it as it has the vault. The vault is a new block that contains rare loot items and can be opened using the trial key. The interesting thing about the vault is that it can be opened by everyone to ensure all the players get a reward.

The vault also contains the heavy core block, which when combined with the breeze rod makes the mace, the most powerful weapon in Minecraft. The mace requires the player to attack in creative ways as its attack power can be increased when used from a height.

All of these exciting items and much more such as new paintings, a crafter block, and more are set to arrive in the game with the Tricky Trials update on June 13, 2024.

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