Are Spore Blossoms even useful in Minecraft?

Spore Blossoms on dirt blocks on the surface (Image via Minecraft)
Spore Blossoms on dirt blocks on the surface (Image via Minecraft)

Among the many types of plants in Minecraft, spore blossoms are one of the more recent additions to the game. They can be described as large pink-colored flowers that are commonly found hanging off the roof of lush cave systems, with cave vines full of glowberries around them. It is easy to spot these plants when entering a lush cave due to their vibrant appearance and color.

Spore blossoms were added to the game with the Minecraft 1.17 update, titled Caves and Cliffs part 1. It was one of the first things to be added to the full version of the game after goats, axolotls, and glow squids. Aside from spore blossoms and lush caves, the new update saw the addition of many other resources, blocks, and items like copper, spyglass, etc.


What makes these plants unique is that they are only found in lush caves, which themselves are a part of the newly redesigned cave generation in the game. One of the most anticipated features for a long time, lush caves are beautiful naturally generated biomes that are found deep underground and are, as of the latest update of the game, the only place where axolotls can spawn.

Spore blossoms can be obtained easily and instantly in Minecraft. Players can break or “mine” them using their hands or any tool in the game. This will allow them to break and drop to the floor for the player to collect. There is no specific tool that aids in the collection of these plants.

If a player uses shears to break a spore blossom, it uses up the durability of the shears. Therefore, it is not recommended to use shears as it serves no purpose and only drains the tool’s durability.

This article will talk about how useful spore blossoms are in the game.

Minecraft: What are spore blossoms used for?


While spore blossoms are some of the most beautiful pieces of flora in the game, they cannot be crafted and are not part of any recipe in the game. Their primary use can be seen as a decorative block.

When a spore blossom flower is hanging from the ceiling in a lush cave, players will notice that it emits a small trail of particles. This effect stays true even if it is hung in another location.

This makes a great choice for decoration in player-made builds. The particles emitted by the spore blossom tend to take over a large chunk of the surrounding area in a radius spanning as far as 18 blocks.

This makes hanging multiple spore blossoms in a player-made build a viable option, as it contributes massively to the atmospheric ambiance and aesthetic. The particle effect is similar to the one seen in the basalt deltas biome within the nether.


While using this flower in builds done with creative mode has no issues, players playing in the game’s survival mode should be aware that the block is not renewable. This means that if the block is broken or destroyed, there is no way for players to get the block back unless they go and get another one from a lush cave.

The above-mentioned uses are the only way spore blossoms can be used (as of now) in Minecraft. While they do not contribute towards any buffs or status effects, they are immensely useful when used in the process of building, as they create a relaxed atmosphere and make a player’s build more aesthetic and beautiful.

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