5 best zombie mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

A zombie approaching a player after breaking down a door (Image via Minecraft)
A zombie approaching a player after breaking down a door (Image via Minecraft)

Zombies are one of Minecraft’s original mobs. They were added to the game back in September of 2009 in the first survival test for the classic version of the Java Edition of Minecraft.

Over time, they have changed immensely, even having additional variations, such as the tiny zombie and chicken jockey, added to the game.

But they have always been simple mobs, seeing the player and chasing them in a straight line. Smart enough to avoid pitfalls, but not smart enough to avoid much else.

However, this is where the community has stepped up, specifically by making mods. These mods have amplified and completely overhauled the game’s zombies, and these are the best the community has to offer.

Five best Minecraft Bedrock Edition zombie mods

5) Bloodmoon addon

A Minecraft bloodmoon (Image via Reddit)
A Minecraft bloodmoon (Image via Reddit)

This addon is relatively simple. Every full moon is replaced by a bloodmoon. The sky will be bathed in blood red light every eight in-game days.

This makes all hostile mob spawns more common and normally allows for mobs that generally would not be able to spawn in the overworld.

But thankfully, with some quick and easy changes, it can be made so that only zombies spawn on a bloodmoon, to sell the apocalypse vibe.

4) Left 4 Craft


As the name suggests, this mod is a play on Valve’s Left4Dead, the most iconic zombie franchise in gaming. Normal zombies will not burn during the day and can spawn in groups of more than eight. They will spawn as more dangerous zombies in the desert, which are faster than normal zombies.

Zombie witches can launch explosive fireballs at the player, as well as zombies that spawn holding zombie spawners or TNT blocks, which function as normal. The last normal variety of zombies is the crawler, which is a shorter type of zombie that also has less health.

There are a few special zombies that mimic the game’s special infected. First off is the zombie villager charger, which has knockback resistance similar to the chargers from Left4Dead.

There are also zombies with massive spikes on their heads, which have more health and deal much more damage than normal zombies. There are also small spider zombies, which act identically to spiders, but are the size of tiny zombies.

There are also two boss mobs, the giant zombie and the tank. The giant zombie references the original giant, one of Minecraft’s cut mobs. The tank references the Left4Dead tank, with massive health and damage characteristics.

3) Plants vs Zombies Bedrock


While not the most immersive or lore-friendly mod for Minecraft, one cannot help but appreciate the scope of the project.

This mod has added the gameplay of Popcap’s iconic tower defense game to Minecraft, as well as some custom plants exclusive to the mod. The level of care and dedication to a game that came out before Minecraft, as far as official releases are concerned, is something to praise.

For players looking for a more gritty or hardcore experience, this is one to skip, but for people looking to spice up their experience in the game, as well as have a good hit of nostalgia, this mod should be at the top of the list to try out.

2) Undeadcraft

A builder zombie building up to get a villager (Image via Minecraft)
A builder zombie building up to get a villager (Image via Minecraft)

Like many other zombie apocalypse-themed mods, this mod overhauls the zombie ai to make them more threatening and adds new varieties of zombies to increase the game's difficulty.

What makes this mod unique is the kind of zombie variants added to Bedrock Edition. Some zombies can use ender pearls to get the upper hand on players by surprising them. Some zombies spawn with potions that they can use to either make themselves stronger, buff, or heal.

Some zombies have new methods of movement to get around the defenses that would typically keep zombies at bay. The miner zombie spawns with tools that can break the appropriate type of block.

The builder zombie can also build up to reach players hiding above their normal reach. There are also a few other variants, but they will be left a surprise for players of the mod.

1) Zombie Apocalypse

A player defending against the zombie apocalypse (Image via planetminecraft.com)
A player defending against the zombie apocalypse (Image via planetminecraft.com)

This add-on for the bedrock version of the game includes many changes to make zombies more of a force of nature, from which the player can only reduce, but not negate, the destruction.

First off, the mod increases the spawning weight of zombies and decreases the spawning weight of the other hostile mobs. This means that whenever a hostile mob spawns, it is much more likely that a zombie will spawn.

Next, zombies can home in on the player from any distance, so long as the zombie is within the player’s render distance. This means that hordes will form around players quickly at night, especially when combined with the first change.

The zombies and hordes spawned by the mob also get stronger and more dangerous as in-game days go by, meaning that players who do not consistently make themselves stronger will face a slowly increasing sense of doom.

There are also new versions of zombies that range from debuffing the player with weakness, nausea, or slowness to a mutant zombie that acts as a boss mob with a massive health bar. All in all, this mod adds a level of challenge that the base game often lacks.

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