Minecraft: How to find gold easily in 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

Mesa Biome. Image via Minecraft: Education Edition
Mesa Biome. Image via Minecraft: Education Edition

Since the Minecraft 1.16 Nether update, gold has become a bit more valuable. Now, it is vital to acquire Netherite to upgrade armor and weapons. On top of that, gold is now used for trading with (and distracting) Piglins in the Nether. Giving Piglins gold will, in turn, return items and can distract them from attacking players briefly.

Gold in Minecraft is also used for many other things. It is crafted into armor and tools. It can be strong or efficient but has little to no durability. Players can use gold to create Golden Apples, a perfect health boost and useful when fighting powerful mobs like the Ender Dragon or the Wither.

Gold can also be used in crafting powered rails, which are key to making a successful railroad. This mineral has a lot of uses in Minecraft. This article dives into the best ways to find it.

Minecraft: Finding gold after the 1.17 Update

In the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update, ores have been removed. Iron, gold, and copper blocks found underground will now drop raw iron, gold, or copper. These are smelted the same way ores used to.

Raw Iron, Gold, and Copper. Image via YouTube
Raw Iron, Gold, and Copper. Image via YouTube

The best way to find gold in Minecraft is to mine for it. Whether a player is exploring a vast cave or strip mining, gold can easily be found and collected. Strip mining, usually done at diamond level (Y level 11 or 12), won't stop players from finding gold. Y level 32-79 is also a good recommendation.

Gold can only be mined with Iron grade or better pickaxes. Once acquired, raw gold, unlike gold ore, can be made into blocks of raw gold to save inventory space (bringing a crafting table to mines is a good idea). The raw ore can then be smelted and used as necessary.

The best place to find gold is in the Mesa Biome. This place sees a huge increase in the rate of gold, as posed by Reddit user u/0thatguy. Mojang listened. According to Minecraft Wiki, "gold ore is found more commonly in the Mesa biome than any other biome."

Gold will spawn here much more commonly and will be found in much larger veins than normal.

Gold in a Mesa Biome. Image via Reddit
Gold in a Mesa Biome. Image via Reddit

The Mesa Biome is great for finding gold but is one of the rarest Minecraft biomes. It is identified by its red sand and various colors of terracotta, but players may search for a long time without finding the elusive Mesa biome.

Gold has many uses, and finding some is a lot easier in the Mesa Biome. If a player spawns near a Mesa Biome, they should take full advantage of the rate of gold spawns to find and use one of the most useful items in Minecraft.

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