Music Discs in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Different music discs in Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)
Different music discs in Minecraft (Image via planetminecraft)
Holly Ellison

There are 13 music discs in Minecraft. For many years there were only 12 music discs until the 13th disc was added, called "Pigstep". These 13 Minecraft music discs have shaped the soundscape and have been part of the lore of Minecraft for several years.

Each Minecraft music disc has its own distinct sound and song length, some of the discs contain beautiful melodies while others can barely be considered songs. Here is everything players need to know about the 13 music discs in Minecraft.

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Each musical disc in Minecraft


The first music disc in Minecraft is called cat. This music disc is a cheerful, upbeat melody that plays on a loop. The disc includes soft and warm synth sounds to give wholesome feeling.


Blocks is a highly melodic and dynamic music disc. It starts as a cave-themed mining song, and slowly transforms and morphs into a psychedelic track and then into a staccato tune.

This disc has many parts to it, and can even fool listeners into thinking it’s an entirely different music disc at times. There are many dimensions to this disc to explore, and it leaves the player with a feeling of nostalgia, melancholy, and wonder after one play-through.


Far Minecraft music disc (Image via pixelart)
Far Minecraft music disc (Image via pixelart)

Far sounds similar to its name. It seems to be a space-themed, futuristic song. It uses several percussive chimes and synth sounds to create an ethereal vibe. It’s easy to see the parallels with original Minecraft background songs, as it’s highly related to the high-energy nighttime soundtrack that often plays during the game.


Strad starts with a muffled handpan loop. It’s a soft melody, possibly meant to lull someone to sleep at first, but don’t be fooled this disc soon picks up to an adventurous place. The music becomes louder, and long melodic soundscapes take over space in the song and lure listeners in with its wonder-inspiring tunes.

The ending to this disc is very interesting as it adds in extra static and a completely different tone with the instruments for the ending, almost to say the adventure ended badly. Perhaps it did, players may never know.


Tiled floor Mellohi (Image via minecraft.novaskin)
Tiled floor Mellohi (Image via minecraft.novaskin)

Mellohi is a slow waltz with ominous chords and a high-pitched whistle overlaying the whole song. Players may get the creeps listening to this short and subtle song but be warned it is not the scariest on this list.


Ward Minecraft music disc (Image via soundcloud)
Ward Minecraft music disc (Image via soundcloud)

Ward starts with a short and spooky funeral theme but soon continues to its upbeat, bittersweet vaporwave themes. This song has a wide variety of classic dungeon video game music along with famous 80s synths. The song even features a slight disco-style synth sound and beat, overlayed with long, warm, fuzzy, melodic background synths, this song truly pops.

Similar to its beginning, the ward also has a separate ending that features a much happier and warmer tone and synth noise. Maybe to show the beginning of the day was bad, but it ended up going well in the end.


Chirp is a neo-20s jazz-inspired piece of music that starts out sounding like it’s underwater. The violins are beautiful and the clarinet that comes in later only adds more texture to the already lovely sound. The melodies played over the background underwater soundscape make the song pop out.

Near the middle of the song, the tone and melodic nature of the song changes drastically and becomes something entirely new. There is a new addition of slight chimes and an upbeat drum is added as well.


Music disc eleven has quite a creepy reputation. This one starts with a man running, and then walking around coughing. In the background, there are spooky sounds, perhaps a ghast or some other ominous ghoul. These sounds get louder, and the man continues to run and starts running faster until the track abruptly ends.


Thirteen Minecraft music disc (Image via minecraftskins)
Thirteen Minecraft music disc (Image via minecraftskins)

This track is similar to disc eleven and features ominous church bells mixed with the wind howling. The track carries on to what sounds like the deep depths of the underground. The track gets quieter and louder without warning, and the underground echoes and noises continue.

At times a low hollow bass sounds as if to warn the player of a deep underground cavern. This rings out in the song several times like a warning horn, with a wind washing it all away.


Stal is jazz themed groovy piece. The classic string bass and rings of the piano and saxophone really tie this piece together. This piece could definitely be played at a Minecraft dance party, or even just for fun. This song is a classic blast from the past of a quieter, slower time.

In the middle of the song, there’s a more modern guitar riff and more jazz chords on the piano that reshape and redefine the theme and roots of the song, to maybe more modern with strong 1920s jazz era roots.


Mall Minecraft music disc (Image via blocksandgold)
Mall Minecraft music disc (Image via blocksandgold)

Mall is an echoey upbeat synth song. It features both cold and warm synth sounds and mixes them perfectly together to create a song with a lot of flow. The melody seems to move the listener along through a journey, perhaps through the mountains of the overworld.

Unlike many of the other discs, this song keeps its original theme and vibe throughout most of the song, only pausing once in the middle to take a short intermission before continuing the song loud and proud.


Wait has two distinct themes off the bat: its underwater effect influences and its percussive drumming. The underwater lulls sound as if they were from the sonic video game underwater levels.

There’s one distinct change halfway through the song, which strips the song of its video game-themed roots and leaves only the melody to carry the song to its finale.

Lena Raine Pigstep

Pigstep (Image via chordify)
Pigstep (Image via chordify)

Pigstep is a cyberpunk-themed synth and electronic song. It’s based on geometry dash music, and the bass synth is so memorable and catchy it’ll have players humming it for days. They're a funky, jazzy piano synth that plays over the bass and mechanical cyber noises. This synth takes center stage in the middle of the song and draws the player into the world of the pigs.

The melody is both intriguing and unpredictable. The loop repeats and brings the player into a world never seen before. Perhaps this is why the developers added in a new disc for piglins, since the piglins were a brand new creation and the nether dimension had just become virtually a brand new world. This disc acts as a commercial, or an opening track to a movie about to take center stage.

How to get music discs in Minecraft

Older players may remember scouting through tutorial versions of Minecraft for each disc in the game, but for those who are out in the real world of Minecraft, this method won't work. There are two main ways players can get discs in Minecraft, these are from loot chests and mobs.


Skeleton ready to fire (Image via planetminecraft)
Skeleton ready to fire (Image via planetminecraft)

The only way to get discs from mob loot is when a skeleton or stray kills a creeper. It’s unknown why exactly this will drop a music disc, but this is the best way for players to get music discs in Minecraft. Players may have even created music disc farms using this method to collect rare items in Minecraft.

Chest loot

Music discs inside a chest (Image via hypixel)
Music discs inside a chest (Image via hypixel)

A few different chests will give the player music discs. In Minecraft Java Edition there are significantly fewer chances and opportunities for getting the music discs.

  • There’s a 21.8% chance of getting music discs Cat or 13 in a dungeon or woodland mansion.
  • There’s a 5.6% chance of getting the newest music disc, pigstep in a bastion remnants.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there seems to be much more variability.

  • Like the Java edition, there’s a 21.8% of getting discs Cat or 13 in a dungeon or woodland mansion and a 3% chance of getting pigstep in bastion remnants.
  • There’s an 18.9% chance of getting either Mellohi or Wait in buried treasure.

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