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Minecraft Chest

Chests are one of the quintessential blocks that truly make a base or house feel like home. There are hundreds of unique items in Minecraft, and your inventory can only hold so much. Keeping a nice storage unit can help you maintain your inventory and your progress. It is not uncommon to have dozens of chests to hold the cumulative stacks of items you acquire. Knowing the intricacies of chests can help you sort items, set up your storage room, and express your creativity differently. 

You can use any type of wooden plank and you can even mix and match the types of wooden planks for this recipe. 

How to Get a Chest in Minecraft

There are many natural generations for chests in Minecraft. Chests are naturally generated in dungeons, strongholds, jungle temples, desert temples, nether fortresses, villages, end cities, igloos, woodland mansions, shipwrecks, ocean ruins, buried treasure, pillager outposts, bastion remnants, and ruined portals. 

Each location has its own unique loot befitting their location. Strongholds will contain end-game items like diamonds, emeralds, or golden apples. A village can have chests that hold items similar to the villager’s profession. Ruined portals will have gold tools and ingots. Bastion remnants can hold gold items that piglins covet and the elusive “Pigstep” music disc.  


Chests can spawn in a myriad of locations, from the deep sea, to dangerous strongholds, and peaceful villages. At the beginning of world generation you can set a bonus chest to spawn with various tools and food items to help you start out in your world. 

The chest will generate near your spawn surrounded by torches and will contain items and food that can make starting out a new world much simpler. 

Remember to take the chest as well! Of course if you are not interested in looting chests you can always make one yourself. 

How to Make a Chest in Minecraft

  1. Eight Wooden Planks

To make a chest you simply need to arrange eight wooden planks around the center of the crafting menu. It does not matter what type of wood you use, the chest will appear the same no matter what. You can even mix and match different types of wood for this recipe. 

You may find yourself making multiple chests and most often in pairs. 

How to Use a Chest in Minecraft

Simply hold the chest in your hotbar and right click to place it. When you right click the chest after it is placed you will see the chest’s inventory. You can place whatever items you want in it and you can double the space of the chest by placing another chest at its side. 

This will combine the inventory of the two chests resulting in more storage space. 

Your storage room can be as simple as placing rows of chests in a line, sorting them by types of items, and a mix of style and function. 


If all you need is a lot of storage then consider making a large room lined with chests. If you want to go for a more compact style consider placing them against each other. There are many ways you can utilize chests and even mark them. 

Use placing your chests as an opportunity to be creative. It will be easier on you when you have stacks of different items to sort, as well as being easier on your eyes. 


  1. Chests are one of the few blocks that can spawn in any dimension. The others being bedrock, air, and obsidian.
  2. Despite chests being made of wood, the chest does not bear any resemblance to the different types of wood available in the game. 


Q. How many stacks of items can a single chest hold in Minecraft?

A single chest can hold 27 different stacks of items. This is identical to the player’s inventory minus the hotbar. 

Q. How many stacks of items can a double chest hold in Minecraft?

A double chest in Minecraft can hold 54 different stacks of items. Turning a regular chest into a double chest will combine the inventory of the two chests. If the chest originally had some items placed in it you can still turn it into a double chest without worry. 

Q. Can a Chest catch on fire in Minecraft?

Luckily, a chest can’t catch on fire in Minecraft. You can even place the chest in lava without worrying about the chest going up in flames. 

Q. Can you rename chests in Minecraft?


You can name a chest at an anvil and the name of the chest will be displayed at the top of the UI when you open it. If you place another regular chest next to that named chest, the resulting double chest will retain the same name that you have given it. 

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