“He’s P*SSED”: Brock Bowers’ father’s reaction to Raiders selection goes viral

NFL: Combine
Brock Bowers at the NFL: Combine

Former Georgia Bulldogs star Brock Bowers was considered one of the best tight ends in his class. On Thursday night, his selection in round one of the 2024 NFL draft at No. 13 by the Las Vegas Raiders solidified that notion. However, the internet had plenty of fun with the immediate reaction of Bowers’ dad following the draft announcement.

Getting their son drafted in the first round is the dream of any parent. However, the now-viral picture of Brock's father showing gloomy emotions suggests otherwise. Many of the fans shared their theories on what could be the reason for this reaction from Warren Bowers.

Warren himself is a former collegiate football athlete and was the driving force for Brock Bowers to pursue this path. But on draft night, Warren’s emotions were not what anyone would hope for.

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As soon as this picture started gaining traction, NFL fans started suggesting their theories.

“He’s P*SSED,” wrote one fan.

Another fan commented on this out-of-the-ordinary display by Bowers’ dad.

“He doesn't look happy,” a user posted.

The fan also theorized the reason for this unhappiness, suggesting allegiance to the rivals of the Raiders.

“Has to be a Chiefs fan,” wrote the fan.

One fan commented on the fast life of Sin City and possible issues that could create for his son in an internal dialogue fashion:

“Son. Las Vegas is not a place for us Christians. Las Vegas is a place for the devil.”

Another user had another hilarious theory for this reaction from Bowers’ dad, suggesting some outstanding payments in the city of Las Vegas:

“Bro owe someone money in Vegas.”

This NFL fan shared a measured take on the entire ordeal:

“It’s a still frame. Anyone’s face can look strange in a picture of a millisecond in time.”

Life ahead for Brock Bowers

Brock Bowers has joined a team in the Raiders that is in the rebuilding phase. Under coach Antonio Pierce, the Raiders have put their faith in quarterback Aidan O'Connell. Bowers’ job will be to be the weapon for his QB’s outlet.

The 21-year-old will have to adapt to the Raiders’ culture, which could be the biggest task for him. Only time will tell if the two-time NCAA champion does manage to survive and thrive in the bright lights of Las Vegas.

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