The Noxcrew reveals pre-event minigames for Minecraft Championship (MCC) Pride 2022

The Noxcrew has announced a few pre-event minigames! (Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
The Noxcrew has announced a few pre-event minigames! (Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
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On June 10, 2022, The Noxcrew tweeted out a link to a donation page where fans could donate to hit milestones that will unlock certain pre-event minigames, as well as pride-themed cosmetics for competitors to don during Minecraft Championship Pride 2022.

Buckle up - the MCCP 22 games just landed🛬Remember you can unlock those remixes over at 🏳️‍🌈

The Minecraft Championships ("MCC") are a monthly series of events that have been collaboratively worked on between The Noxcrew and Scott "Smajor" Major since the first event on November 17, 2019. The latter is infamously known for putting together each of ten, four-player teams that make up each MCC.

The event consists of those forty participants all competing in a series of nine minigames designed to test a plethora of skills within Minecraft. These skills can range from anything as talent-oriented as parkour or player-versus-player combat, to general skills like problem/puzzle-solving and teamwork.

MCC Pride 2022 is a non-canon event, meaning that there are key differences between the structure of this event versus the canon events (such as MCC 21).

These structural differences are mostly cosmetic (meaning they mostly effect map/hub designs, and which competitors were invited to play in this event), as this non-canon event is meant to be themed around and celebrate the colorful LGBTQ+ Pride Month of June.

TGTTOS, HITW, Grid Runners, and Survival Games revealed to be pre-event minigames for Minecraft Championship Pride 2022


The Noxcrew recently revealed that there will be an extra layer to their charity partnership with The Trevor Project during MCC Pride 2022.

MCC Pride 2021 simply had competitors and fans donating at their leisure during the event, but things will be a bit different this time around for Minecraft Championship Pride 2022.

The fundraising page MCCP 22 is live 🎉Donations support The Trevor Project and unlock exciting rewards - including 4 pre-event targets that will introduce remixes to games in the event👀

Instead of having fans/competitors donating at their own leisure, they decided to implement four pre-event minigames that would be playable if a certain charity milestone was reached. The four remixed pre-event minigames are: TGTTOS, HITW, Survival Games, and Grid Runners.

Each remixed pre-event minigame has its own unique game mechanic that makes it different from the original. These new game mechanics range from spectators being able to sabotage competitors' performances, to competitors being able to build up an army of pets to help fight other players.

HITW ("Hole In The Wall") now includes a game mechanic where spectators can spawn mobs on the platform to throw off unsuspecting competitors. There is nothing off the table as to what can/cannot be spawned, any mob from a silverfish to a ravager can be randomly given to a spectator.

TGTTOS ("To Get To The Other Side") builds on its previous block-placing mechanic, now including a mechanic where competitors can right-click to create tall player towers as they complete the course.

Grid Runners has stayed relatively the same, opting to scramble the order of their rooms and their objectives to throw returning players for a loop.

Survival Games got a whole lot more cuddly, as competitors can now rescue pets from chests (as well as retrieve weapons and armor) and have the animals fight for you on the battlefield.

Currently, all four pre-event milestones have been hit, meaning all four of the pre-event minigames will be played in Minecraft Championship Pride 2022.

That said, the donation milestones do not end there. The Noxcrew has set milestones for more cosmetic aspects to appear in the upcoming event, such as wearable in-game pride-themed accessories, rideable unicorns, and a special Dodgebolt.

Donations currently sit at $36,339.91, with a long way to go before the overall goal of $50,000. Hopefully, fans can pull together and help hit the donation goal before the end of the event so competitors and fans alike can experience all the unique features in Minecraft Championship Pride 2022 on June 18, 2022 at 8:00 PM BST.

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