Top 10 plays of Minecraft Championship (MCC) 21

MCC 21 was undoubtedly a memorable tournament (Image via MCChampionship Wiki)
MCC 21 was undoubtedly a memorable tournament (Image via MCChampionship Wiki)
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On Saturday, April 30, 2022, the Minecraft Championship 21 concluded with an explosive win from Team Cyan Coyotes (Seapeekay, Sapnap, Snifferish, and KryticZeuz).

The Minecraft Championships (also known as MCC) are a monthly series of invite-only tournaments coordinated by The Noxcrew and Smajor since the event's debut on November 17, 2019.

The event consists of ten four-player teams that compete through nine minigames. These challenges are meant to test a variety of skills/talents that competitors can hone within Minecraft.

The focus of each minigame can range from anything as skill-based as parkour or player-versus-player combat to general focuses like puzzle-solving and teamwork.

MCC 21 was the twenty-first canon event in the second season of the Minecraft Championships. It also yielded no shortage of high-intensity and wholesome moments.

Ten most jaw-dropping plays during Minecraft Championship 21

10) Krtzyy's Platform Clutch


Minecraft Championship 21 saw the implementation of four yellow, hovering platforms slightly outside of the central platform in the minigame "Hole In The Wall."

While this movement-based minigame has previously been known for being relatively easy for competitors, the addition of the yellow platforms and different cutouts in the walls approaching the competitors spiced things up a bit.

Dave "Krtzyy" of Team Krimson Krakens found himself using these platforms a lot in the final two rounds of "Hole In The Wall." In the final round, he managed to clutch onto one of the yellow platforms behind him and survived to watch as dozens of other competitors were knocked off the side of the main platform.

Krtzyy ended up being one of the last three players in that round, as most of the competitors fell to the wall he had clutched to avoid.

9) PeteZahHutt's Dolphin Jumps


MCC 21 also introduced a new rendition of an old minigame, "Rocket Spleef Rush." Instead of having competitors flying around a small map solely attempting to eliminate other participants, the revamped version put all forty competitors in a parkour-like course that they needed to navigate in addition to getting eliminations.

Brandon "PeteZahHutt" Clement proved throughout this revamped minigame, once again, that he's worthy of being recognized as one of the best competitors to have participated in MCC. He flew far ahead of the other competitors, bouncing off the course with smooth, dolphin-like jumps and movement.

He managed to keep his rhythm and stay far ahead of the other competitors until the very end of the minigame, when he miscalculated his jumps and missed the very edge of the next platform.

8) Purpled's Eight Kill Sky Battle


Grayson "Purpled" managed to claim eight total kills by the end of Minecraft Championship 21's Sky Battle.

Amidst the eight kills, he used only his bloodthirsty bow and arrow to impressively eliminate all four members of Team Aqua Axolotls (BadBoyHalo, Antfrost, Gee Nelly, and jojosolos).

7) GeorgeNotFound's Deadly Clutch


GeorgeNotFound managed to give the rest of his team a heart attack when he decided to risk it all during the final seconds of the minigame, "Sands Of Time."

The puzzle-solving minigame is entirely time-based, with sand being a tool that competitors can use to open vaults with coins inside and add precious seconds to the continuously ticking timer.

In the last thirty seconds of the round, George decided to spend a few more precious seconds using up his sand to open vaults and collect more coins. The rest of his team had banked their coins and urged him to do the same, but he confidently stayed put, collected more coins, and banked them just before the timer hit zero.

6) Sylvee's Ace


Minecraft Championship 21 introduced the concept of "remixed" minigames. These are some regular minigames but with minor, game-changing differences.

The remixed version of Battle Box had competitors using tridents as their primary weapon instead of the regular potions, swords, and bows.

Sylvia "Sylvee" Frank managed to score an ace (when a single player kills all four opposing team members in Battle Box) using only her trident while her team was up against Team Lime Llamas.

5) Dream's Sands Of Time Clutch


Dream has been a consistent, fan-favorite competitor in each Minecraft Championship. In MCC 21, he managed to pull off opening no vaults throughout Sands Of Time but still claimed a massive amount of coins for his team.

At the end of the round, he had banked a whopping 1,158 coins for his team.

4) Seapeekay's Clutch To Dodgebolt


It's always impressive when a competitor excels at the minigame "Parkour Tag." That said, it's even more remarkable when doing well in a minigame later on in the event sends slightly lower-scoring teams spiraling up the scoreboards.

In this case, Callum "Seapeekay" Knight scored so well during the final round of this minigame that his performance allowed his team to advance to the last, victory-deciding activity of the event, Dodgebolt. There, his team would secure the overall win for MCC 21.

3) Yellow Yaks Domination


Team Yellow Yaks (Smallishbeans, Fruitberries, fWhip, and Rendog) are notably a team that doesn't excel in player-versus-player combat. All that said, the four managed to pull together to come in first place during Survival Games.

Three out of the four members of the yellow team survived until the round was over, with those three members crushing any other side that dared stand in the way between them and victory.

2) Remix Kings


Team Blue Bats (Tubbo, Jack Manifold, 5Up, and Purpled) crowned themselves as the kings of the remixed version of Battle Box. The blue team claimed first place in the minigame with a 1.2k coin lead on the second placing team, Team Cyan Coyotes.

1) Cyan wins MCC 21


Team Cyan Coyotes (consisting of Sapnap, Snifferish, KryticZeuz, and Seapeekay) claimed an incredible team victory at the Minecraft Championship 21.

The victory was Sapnap's fifth, Seapeekay's third, and Snifferish/KryticZeuz's first win in the Minecraft Championship. The winning shot was Sniff's first and only shot taken in Dodgebolt.

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