Top 5 facts you likely didn't know about Minecraft streamer BadBoyHalo

"LANGUAGE!" (Image via BadBoyHalo on Twitch)
"LANGUAGE!" (Image via BadBoyHalo on Twitch)

Darryl "BadBoyHalo" Noveschosch is an American Minecraft YouTuber who is best known for hosting the popular server MunchyMC. He's equally well known for his collaborations with fellow content creator and long-time friend, Zak "Skeppy" Ahmed, as well as Clay "Dream."

Interestingly, Bad created his Twitch channel on May 28, 2012. Since then, his style of videos has stayed relatively the same, as he has consistently been making family-friendly content focusing (mainly) on Minecraft since his channel's creation in 2012. Without further ado, here are five fun trivia facts about BadBoyHalo.

Some fun BadBoyHalo trivia

5) BadBoyHalo used to lift weights


All content creators have their out-of-character hobbies, whether they be in the past or presently active. However, Bad's instance is rather surprising, especially coming from the kind, family-friendly YouTuber.

Bad revealed on stream that he used to lift weights, much to the surprise and disbelief of others on the call, such as Quackity and Karl Jacobs. He stated:

"I used to lift a lot... seriously, seriously I used to weight lift a lot and I got really muscular."

4) BadBoyHalo goes by he/they pronouns


Pronouns have, especially in more recent years, become a common courtesy to ask others. This is why it's not unusual for fans to ask their favorite content creators what their preferred names and pronouns are.

Bad was asked through a donation on stream what his preferred pronouns were, and he happily answered:

"I'd say probably he/him. But I also don't mind, like, they/they kind of thing."

3) BadBoyHalo's parents didn't let him watch content that contained cursing as a kid


Bad's trademark as an online personality has been his family-friendly nature. He calls out his friends for cursing while he's streaming, and it's become somewhat of a bit within the community. But the reason that he's so against swearing is more fleshed out than just pandering to his content's demographic.

Bad explained his reasoning for not swearing while on stream, citing one of the main reasons being his memories of not being able to watch content that contained swearing while he was growing up. He states:

"The reason is because, like, growing up my parents wouldn't let me watch anything that had naughty language in it. Right? Like they were trying to be good parents and making sure that I was watching stuff that was appropriate. I think about that, and I think about how there's plenty of content out there for people who want to swear, but is there is content out there who don't want to swear?"

2) BadBoyHalo used to play percussion in high school


While livestreaming once, Bad was doing a round of Q&A's with his fans. One donation asked the question, "Bad, do you play or have you played any instruments?"

After taking a moment to reflect, he answered:

"Actually! Uh... I played percussion in school. That was fun."

1) The content creator has a gluten intolerance


In 2019, Bad tweeted a video of himself throwing french fries for his dog, Lucy (better known online as Rat), to catch and eat. A concerned fan responded to the tweet, asking if he could eat them since he had mentioned earlier on his stream that he wouldn't be able to eat the fries because of his gluten intolerance.

Took five tries to get this i hope your happy >:O
@SaintsofGames You said on stream that you could not eat them

Bad responded to the tweet, confirming his gluten intolerance by saying:

"Yeah I’m going to regret eating them a lot. I’m pretty sure they aren’t gluten-free."
@ItsSimba567 Yeah I’m going to regret eating them a lot I’m pretty sure they aren’t gluten-free

BadBoyHalo's content focuses mainly on challenges, as well as trolling and pranking his friends in Minecraft. Generally, his content is never just solo commentary, as he's almost always joined by someone from his wide group of friends within the community. Whether that be someone in the iconic Dream Team (consisting of: Dream, George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson, and Nick "Sapnap"), Alex "Quackity," or Skeppy, his streamers are always entertaining for his many loyal fans.

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