What have been the best teams throughout the Minecraft Championships (MCC)?

The reveal of the ten participating teams is perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the Minecraft Championships (Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
The reveal of the ten participating teams is perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the Minecraft Championships (Image via MCChampionships_ on Twitter)
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Hannah (Tyler) Dahlberg

Aside from the event itself, the reveal of the ten competing teams is one of the most anticipated aspects of the monthly Minecraft Championships.

The Minecraft Championships (abbreviated as MCC) are a series of events that have been held monthly since the debut tournament on November 17, 2019. The event is a collaboration between The Noxcrew and Scott "Smajor" Major. The former handles the technical aspects of the championship, including map design and programming.

MCC consists of ten teams pitted against each other in a series of nine minigames designed to test each individual's skills within Minecraft. These skills can range from anything as talent-oriented as parkour or player-versus-player combat; to more general skills like teamwork and puzzle-solving.

The championship operates on a coin system to measure points. Teams will aim to earn as many coins as they can throughout the event. The top two teams with the most coins at the end of the nine rounds of minigames will get a chance to compete for the win in the final activity of the event, Dodgebolt.

For many viewers, the measure of coins is how to define whether or not a team is "great." For others, it's simply a measure of which content creators have been teamed together. It's hard to define exactly what makes up the best teams, but without further ado, here are five of the best scoring teams throughout the Minecraft Championships.

5 of the highest-scoring teams throughout the Minecraft Championships

5) Team Aqua Axolotls (MCC 8)


Minecraft Championship 8 might be predominantly remembered for being the time when the lethal duo of Dream and Technoblade were put together on Team Pink Parrots. However, it was also an event where the winning team, Team Aqua Axolotls, earned its way to being one of the five highest-scoring teams of all time.

Team Aqua Axolotls (consisting of: HBomb94, Quig, fWhip, and Smallishbeans) had collected an immense amount of coins by the end of the event, amounting to a total of 23,872.

The team had its fair share of struggles throughout the event, but their luck began to turn around during the fifth minigame, Skyblockle. Quig managed to score four total kills, boosting his team up to second place on the scoreboards for the round.

From there, they wiped the floor in two other minigames, earning first place in both Sands Of Time and Bingo But Fast. Their coin total for both of those minigames was thousands of coins higher than the second-placed team of Pink Parrots, granting the Aqua Axolotls those few really solid performances to slip them onto the leaderboard.

4) Team Orange Ocelots (MCC 6)


Team Orange Ocelots (consisting of: PeteZahHutt, InTheLittleWood, HBomb94, and Solidarity) topped the scoreboard with a whopping coin total of 24,246 during Minecraft Championship 6.

The event got off to a rocky start for the orange team, but they quickly bounced back during Parkour Warrior. There, PeteZahHutt became the first competitor to ever fully complete the event's parkour course, which set them over a thousand coins ahead of the second-placed team of the Blue Bats.

From there, the team of four continued to prosper. They managed fourth place in the Battle Box, despite player-versus-player combat not being the team's strong point. They then stole first place in Build Mart, Foot Race and Sands Of Time.

3) Team Blue Bats (MCC 9)


Team Blue Bats (consisting of: Fruitberries, Rendog, HBomb94, and FalseSymmetry) became the third-highest scoring team of all time during Minecraft Championship 9 with an overall coin total of 24,258.

Consistency was key to keeping this team high enough on the scoreboards to take back the crown during the Survival Games. Their performance during that minigame set the bar for the highest-scoring round of Survival Games.

The blue team created a strategy that racked up an impressive amount of kills (and coins) towards the end of the round. Team Blue Bats finished with a coin total of 7,200. For reference, their final score was over four thousand more coins than the team that came second had scored.

To top it off, all four members of the blue team were listed as the five highest-scoring individuals in the Survival Games.

2) Sleepy Bois Inc (MCC 4)


Team Purple Pandas (consisting of: TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, and Technoblade) have made quite a name for themselves as both one of the most communally beloved teams of all time and the second-highest scoring team during their run through Minecraft Championship 4.

The team of four (also referred to as "Sleepy Bois Inc") collected an impressive total of 24,342 coins at the end of the event, despite their rocky start in Skyblockle. Technoblade and TommyInnit bounced back to secure first place with an insane amount of kills and coins after the almost immediate death of Wilbur.

Survival Games similarly got off to a rough start, but the team of four managed to turn it around with five clean kills from Technoblade that secured third place for Team Purple Pandas.

There were plenty of first-place finishes from each member of the purple team during TGTTOSAWAF. Technoblade also secured two first-place finishes in a row during Hole In The Wall.

1) Team Green Guardians (MCC 7)


Team Green Guardians (consisting of: PeteZahHutt, Eret, HBomb94, and fWhip) proved that consistency in scoring throughout the event would secure a team victory in Minecraft Championship 7.

The team of four finished the seventh MCC tournament with the highest total amount of coins to be earned so far: 25,346.

Consistency might be the strategy to winning the event, but this team had it in spades. The Green Guardians secured second and third place finishes consistently throughout the championship, with two first-place wins thrown in the mix.

Additional Minecraft Championship Trivia


Scott "Smajor" Major is in charge of creating each of the ten four-player teams that compete in each Minecraft Championship. The teams are as randomly assigned as they can be, though the participants do have a say in who gets teamed with them. The task of creating these teams is far from easy, as Smajor needs to satisfy the contention of both the competitors and the careful eye of the audience, who'll pick apart the teams after their reveal.

The ten teams are named after different animals and colors, such as Team Red Rabbits. The other nine consist of Team Orange Ocelots, Team Yellow Yaks, Team Lima Llamas, Team Green Geckos, Team Cyan Coyotes, Team Aqua Axolotls, Team Blue Bats, Team Purple Pandas, and Team Pink Parrots.

Check out who is at the top of the minecraft here.

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