Top 5 food mods for Minecraft (April 2021)

Food mods Minecraft (Image via minecraftforum)
Food mods Minecraft (Image via minecraftforum)
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Minecraft's food selection has remained rather stagnant for many years now. Players have a choice between classic Minecraft meats like pork chops and chicken, and Minecraft crops like wheat, carrots, and potatoes.

These crops and foods have been a reliable and stable staple of Minecraft player's diets since the early days of the game. However, players will be happy to know that certain mods can extend and improve the food selection offered in the game. Here are 5 mods that affect food in Minecraft in April 2021.

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Best 5 food mods for Minecraft in April 2021

#1 - Cooking for Blockheads

Cooking for Blockheads is a cooking and kitchen design mod that adds some new recipes and features to Minecraft. What makes this mod great is its in-game recipe book. Players who enjoy cooking no longer have to scroll through the large vanilla recipe book, and instead have their own food oriented recipe which they're able to use at any time.

Cooking for Blockheads also adds some great new kitchen features like an oven, a fridge, countertops, cabinets, and knife holders. This mod also adds in essential cooking items like cooking oil, glass jars, butter, and fresh milk just to add a few.

There's so much for Minecraft chefs to explore in this mod. Whether they're interested in new recipes, ingredients, or cooking tools, players will have a blast with this mod. To download Cooking for Blockheads click here.


#2 - Pam's Harvestcraft 1 & 2

This mod is broken up into a few different mods which can work together and be used on different versions of Minecraft. Pam's Harvestcraft 1 is a mod for Minecraft versions 1.12 and below, and Pam's Harvestcraft 2 is for 1.14.4 and beyond. The 2nd version of the mod is a reboot of the first one, only really added to include the newer version of Minecraft.

Pam's Harvestcraft 2 is a mod that 120+ new food for Minecraft players to try out. To create a lot of these foods, players must create the new added tools that this mod adds to Minecraft. Some of the new tools are mixing bowls, grinders, skillets, sauce pans, and rollers. Some of the new and exciting foods added into the game are mac n cheese, toast, grilled cheese, cupcakes, scrambled eggs, fried chicken, and cheeseburgers.


This mod is great for players who are bored with the vanilla Minecraft food options. It's also great for playing on servers with friends as well. To download the Pam's Harvestcraft 2 click here, and for earlier versions of Minecraft click here.

#3 - Culinary construct

Culinary construct is a Minecraft mod directed at custom sandwiches and stews. What makes this mod great is that players are able to make a sandwich or stew out of any food item lying around in their game.

There are an incredible amount of options that players can choose from here. Players are able to make large or small sandwiches, and if a player uses more than 10 ingredients the sandwich may be at risk of splitting into smaller sandwiches.

This mod adds to the scale of how good tasting each sandwich is. Since players can add anything into a sandwich that they want, the sandwich will be rated on the disgusting to delicious scale, and depending on the food's quality it will start to affect the amount of health points a player receives for eating food.

Click here to download Culinary Construct.

#4 - The Spice of Life (and it's variations)


The spice of life mod is an interesting mod for Minecraft. Instead of just adding food to Minecraft, this mod tracks how diverse the player's food diet is in the game. The regular spice of life mod will punish players for eating the same foods too many times in a row by giving the player less and less health points for each food repetition.

The spice of life mod also has other variations, like the spice of life: carrot edition which rewards players for eating diversely as opposed to punishing them for not. These two spices of life mods can even be used together.

There's another spice of life mod: the potato edition, which takes the carrot edition one step further and adds in all sorts of complex rewards for players with diverse diets.

This mod isn't necessarily for those Minecraft players looking for new foods, but more so for players who are bored with Minecraft's food and hunger mechanics. Players who want to download the spice of life mod can click here. Click here for potato edition, and here for carrot edition.

#5 - Food expansion: reimagined


Food expansion: reimagined is a mod that greatly expands the recipes and food in Minecraft. This mod adds all of the player's favorite snacks like bacon, fried eggs, chocolate, and lollipops.

Some fun things in this mod are the weirder food that it adds. This mod adds forbidden fruit, cooked bat wings, Nether wart soup, and so many more intriguing oddities.

This mod also adds some new food drops from horses, squids, wolves, and llamas to name a few.

Players who wish to download food expansion: reimagined can click here.

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