Top 5 types of Minecraft servers in 2022 

Towny Servers are among the best (Image via deleted user Reddit)
Towny Servers are among the best (Image via deleted user Reddit)

There are many different kinds of servers available in Minecraft. For every game mode available, a server exists to play it on. There are servers for just about anything a player could possibly want, including some for the cracked version of the game. These servers have significantly opened up the multiplayer gaming world in Minecraft.

Despite the large number of options, some servers are better than others. For example, many users consider Hypixel to be the best Minecraft server out there. This article lists the top 5 best types of Minecraft servers.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Minecraft servers players need to try

5) Towny

A great Towny Server is FadeCloud (Image via FadeCloud)
A great Towny Server is FadeCloud (Image via FadeCloud)

Towny Servers are among the most fun servers available. They provide each player with a plot of land and give them the complete freedom to build any kind of town they want, hence the name.

The better towns convince more people to come live in them, which in turn makes them bigger, better, and more unique. Given how popular they are, many such servers exist.

FadeCloud is an excellent example of this type of server. There are only five total modes in it: Survival, PvE, Skyblock, Prison, and Towny, which means each of them gets more attention, leading to a boost in quality.

4) Parkour


This is easily one of the best and most popular server types in Minecraft. Parkour modes are something everyone can play and appreciate, and don't require much effort to build either, at least when compared to most of the other servers.

Parkour is something that even non-Minecraft gamers are familiar with, which is a big reason behind their popularity.

Complex Gaming is one of the best overall servers out there, and is consequently one of the top parkour servers as well. Aside from parkour, there are tons of other incredible game modes available.

3) One Block

JartexNetwork is a strong One Block server (Image via JartexNetwork)
JartexNetwork is a strong One Block server (Image via JartexNetwork)

One Block is a game mode in which gamers start up in the sky with just a single block. Breaking that block will drop a random material and replace the block. To progress, players have to continue mining for better items.

It is one of the most unique game modes invented by crafters, and has tons of quality servers dedicated to it. Among them, JartexNetwork has a number of modes, but One Block is one of its most prominent.

2) Prison/Jailbreak

Prison servers do exactly what the name implies: they simulate the prison experience. It's an interesting game mode but one that has grown very popular over the years. Servers that have jailbreak options are worth trying as well, since they can spice up the experience.

JailsMC is a stellar jailbreak server with very few technical issues. Overall, it has one of the biggest prisons out there, which might actually make the jailbreak a little easier for players.

1) Hunger Games


Commands more activity, attention, and dedication than any other type of server, Hunger Games tops this list handily. Top-flight Hunger Games servers are all the rage and those not involved in one are often trying to either replicate them or make their own.

Minecraft Central is indispensable for many things, especially when it comes to Hunger Games. It's limited to version 1.16, but a large number of Hunger Games players prefer older versions of the game anyway. Many different servers can be joined instantly and players can start battling it out right away.