Top 7 cursed Minecraft mods

Minecraft has many weird and hilarious mods (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft has many weird and hilarious mods (Image via Sportskeeda)

Minecraft allows the community to create any kind of third-party feature and add it to the game as mods. Some add useful quality-of-life features, while others add beautiful decorative blocks, structures, and more. However, there is a niche subsection of some of the weirdest mods players can download.

From hilarious meme-related to truly cringy, there's an extremely odd collection. Here are some of the most hilariously cursed mods to download for Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Some of the most cursed Minecraft mods to check out

7) Twerk Sim 2K16


Twerk Sim 2K16 is an absurd Minecraft mod that adds a feature whereby players can twerk around trees to accelerate their growth. All they have to do is approach a sapling and press the crouch button repeatedly until it appears as though they're twerking. Green particles will appear around the sapling, confirming the growth is completed.

6) Crop Dusting


Crops can be fertilized in the Minecraft vanilla version by applying bone meal. But this mod encourages players to fart on them by crouching down near the crops. During the hilarious fertilization process, the mod will produce a farting sound, and a few white particles will appear.

5) Trumpet Skeleton


Skeletons typically have a bow from which they launch infinite arrows at players until they're killed. But in this weird Minecraft mod, the bows are replaced with trumpets that they play to disturb living and undead monsters in addition to players.

This mod was motivated by a well-known meme featuring an animated skull blowing a trumpet. It's so famous that it has even been used in the RLCraft modpack, one of the most popular hardcore modpacks.

4) Old Walking Animation


For those who might not know about Minecraft's early days, before it was officially released, there was a way to spawn hilarious duplicates of a player that would simply jump around and roam the world with their arms flinging randomly.

This was one of the very first weird features added by Mojang, but it was soon removed from the official game. This mod brings that nostalgic animation back and adds it to the player itself.

3) Rats


Although hardly anyone is a fan of rats, this mod adds these pesky creatures to Minecraft. Rats will spawn at night in the Overworld and will usually be afraid of players, but they can be quite annoying as they can dig through wooden walls and steal food and seeds from chests. They can even destroy crops.

Although the weird mod adds these annoying creatures, it can be great for modpack makers trying to add all kinds of creatures to the game.

2) Evil Wandering Trader


As the name suggests, this mod adds a wandering trader who can become hostile and start targeting players if they don't strike a deal with it (or hurt it). If the mob gets upset, it will strike the players and take their stuff. Its llamas will turn into skeleton horses who will carry the stolen goods in their chests and flee.

Although the mod adds a unique variant of wandering traders, it is surely a cursed one.

1) Entropy: Chaos Mod


Entropy Chaos is another cursed yet extremely fun mod that activates a bizarre feature in Minecraft every 30 seconds, like chicken rain, backward movement, monitor downgrade, and TNT drops.

This mod is great for content creators since they can make a voting system and allow viewers to choose which feature must be activated next. However, some of the effects in the mod are truly cursed,