Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman

Full NamePaul Heyman

BornSeptember 11, 1965



Relation(s)Marla Heyman


Paul Heyman is an American entertainment executive and performer signed with WWE. He was worked with WWF, WCW, NWA, and ECW. He is regarded as one of the best managers in the industry. He is currently the special counsel for The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Years, WCW, and ECW (1987-1993)

After spending his early years as a photographer for wrestling events, before breaking into the wrestling scene. In 1985, he began managing Bam Bam Bigelow on the independent circuit. After Jim Crockett acquired several independent promotions, Heyman began working at WCW. In 1988, Heyman began managing the Midnight Express. He also worked as a ring announcer. In 1992, he began managing The Dangerous Alliance when ended up winning the United States and Tag Team Championship.

After leaving for WCW, Heyman became the creative head of NWA. Heyman was the mastermind behind the controversial NWA screwjob which led to the birth of ECW. ECW became a direct competition to NWA, WWF, and WCW. During his time in ECW, Heyman and McMahon worked in secrecy and lent some WWF wrestlers to build the brand. In 2001, ECW was closed due to the financial troubles of the company.


WWE/F (2001-Present)

In 2001, Heyman became the head commentator for RAW by replacing Jerry Lawler. During the Invasion storyline, Heyman joined WCW and ECW. After the feud, Heyman became the lead writer for SmackDown. In 2002, Heyman began managing Brock Lesnar. After he turned on Lesnar, Heyman began managing The Big Show. In 2003, he became the general manager of SmackDown.

In 2004, he quit his role as a manager when he was drafted to RAW under Eric Bischoff. Heyman began working backstage for OVW and worked on younger wrestlers. In 2005, Heyman reappeared to announce ECW One Night Stand. In 2006, Heyman became the creative head of ECW. After McMahon blamed Heyman for poor ratings of ECW, Heyman parted ways with WWE.

In 2012, Heyman returned to WWE and began managing Brock Lesnar. After the feud ended between Brock Lesnar and Triple H, Heyman began managing CM Punk. Along with Punk, Heyman managed Curtis Axel and helped him with the Intercontinental Championship. In 2013, Heyman betrayed Punk and began feuding with him. Heyman went back to managing Brock Lesnar.


During his feud with Punk, Heyman began working with Axel and Ryback. In 2014, the team disbanded and Heyman worked with Lesnar. After WrestleMania XXX, Heyman was revealed to be the new manager of Cesaro. In July, Heyman ended his partnership with Cesaro and soley focused on Brock Lesnar. After managing Lesnar from 2012 to 2020, Heyman began working with Roman Reigns.

In August, Heyman was revealed as his special counsel. Heyman helped Reigns to get a Universal Championship match. Heyman also accompanied Reigns during his match carrying his championship. In 2021, Heyman was involved in a storyline with Reigns and Lesnar. After being kicked out as the special counsel, Heyman helped Lesnar to win the WWE Championship. In 2022, Heyman turned on Lesnar and sided with Roman Reigns.


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