Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

Full NameStephanie Marie McMahon

BornSeptember 24, 1976



Relation(s)Triple H (m. 2003)


Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon, an American professional wrestling personality and the chief brand officer of WWE. Stephanie McMahon was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She graduated from Boston University in 1998 with a degree in Communications. She began working for WWF/WWE upon her graduation.

  1. Stephanie McMahon WWE Career

stephanie mcmahon

Stephanie McMahon WWE Career

While Stephanie McMahon would become well known to move up behind the scenes, most WWE fans knew her for on-screen personality. Most of Stephanie McMahon's onscreen career was spent as a heel whether she was stabbing her family in the back or cheating on her husband HHH or being vindictive to the rest of the WWE Roster.

Since 1999, Stephanie McMahon was part of major WWE Storylines. This included the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, WCW/ECW Invasion Storyline, The Alliance and also appearing as SmackDown General Manager between 2002-2003. It has been rumored that she and her husband HHH will eventually take over the reigns of the company once Vince McMahon retires.

Finishing Move

Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster with theatrics) – adopted from Triple H

Stephanie McMahon Signature Moves

  1. Clothesline
  2. DDT
  3. Hair-pull snapmare
  4. Lou Thesz press
  5. Monkey flip
  6. Neck snap
  7. Powerbomb
  8. Slap
  9. Spear
  10. Surfboard

Stephanie McMahon Entrance Themes

  1. "Break It Down" by The DX Band (2000)
  2. "My Time" by The DX Band (1999 – 2002)
  3. "Bodies" by Drowning Pool (2001)
  4. "No Chance in Hell" performed by Peter Bursuker and composed by Jim Johnston (1999; 2013 – 2014) "The Game" by Motörhead (January 8, 2001 – present; used while managing Triple H)
  5. "King of Kings" by Motörhead (August 18, 2013 – November 24, 2014; December 29, 2014 – May 2, 2016; used while part of The Authority)
  6. "All Grown Up" by Jacki-O (2002 – 2013)
  7. "Welcome to the Queendom" by Jacki-O (2013 – present)
  8. "Here Comes the Money" by Naughty by Nature (2016; used while managing Shane McMahon).

Stephanie McMahon Nicknames

  1. "The Billionaire Princess / Baroness"
  2. "The Queen of Queens"

stephanie mcmahon and triple H

People Also Ask

Who is husband of Stephanie McMahon?

Triple H

Does Stephanie McMahon have a son?

Stephanie and Paul have three daughters named Aurora Rose, Murphy Claire, and Vaughn Evelyn.

How much is Stephanie McMahon Worth?

Stephanie McMahon has a net worth of $45 million.

Is Stephanie and Triple H still married?

She was engaged to Triple H—whom she married both on-screen and later in real life—which resulted in The McMahon-Helmsley Faction storyline

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