5 features absent in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s latest trailer that fans wanted to see

Which new reveals excited you from the newest trailer for Scarlet & Violet (Imges via The Pokemon Company)
Which new reveals excited you from the newest trailer for Scarlet and Violet (Images via The Pokemon Company)

The recently revealed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer has left many fans eager for more as it features a fair amount of interesting content. This included Terastral Raid battles, the confirmation of a few rumored features, and more. Unfortunately, many questions were still left unanswered.


The franchise's fans seem desperate for spicier details, most of which are seemingly still under wraps. While many of these have been addressed by recent leaks, others are merely a part of the fanbase's wishlist. This article will look into five features that fans of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are eager to see added in-game.

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Here are five things missing from the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer that fans wish for

1) More new Pokemon

Being a fairly obvious entry, players are keen to find out more about the unique creatures inhabiting the region of Paldea. So far, we have only seen a few standard newcomers like Pawmi and Lechonk, as well as some unique ones such as Armarouge. The latest footage highlights only one monster: Farigiraf, an evolution for the underrated Girafarig that was introduced back in Gen 2. While this disappointed many, a few keen-eyed fans noticed a handful of new critters on the minimap in the corner of the screen in the trailer. Additionally, Paradox Pokemon are still a no-show. None of these were officially elaborated upon, so here's to hoping that we will see more reveals before the release date.

2) Starter evolutions

One of the biggest highlights of any Pokemon game is its starters. Players are asked to choose from three options, generally between Fire, Water, and Grass-type Pokemon. For the upcoming entry, the starters are Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito. They were one of the first few aspects of Scarlet and Violet to be revealed, so players are naturally curious as to what their evolutions look like. Starter Pokemon usually have three evolutions and, strangely enough, not even their second forms have been revealed yet. This is unfortunate as the latest trailer would have been a great opportunity to showcase their evolutions.

3) Quality-of-life improvements from previous entries

With dozens of entries in the franchise so far, there have been a handful of new mechanics introduced in the series' more modern entries. Some features, such as Pokemon Amie, have become standard, but others are yet to be replicated. One such example is the way Pokemon evolve in the previous console entry from the developer Game Freak, Pokémon Legends: Arceus. This Sinnoh-prequel allows players to evolve their creatures at will after they meet certain conditions instead of relying on level gates or trading. While it is rather unlikely that this feature will make the cut, the lack of confirmation could mean that things could swing in either direction.

4) Side content and missions

With the series going fully open-world this time around, many fans wonder what sort of organic encounters, activities, and quests they will encounter that are unrelated to the main narrative. Legends Arceus expanded upon this with the introduction of NPC quests, but this could likely be improved and refined. Perhaps new minigames? Optional dungeons? Tracking down different monsters? The community is eager to see what additional new content will arrive in the upcoming franchise entry.

5) How egg hatching works

The new trailer showcased the Picnic mode, allowing players to relax in between their journey to play with their monsters and cook. Additionally, players can also encounter eggs during these excursions. No further information was divulged on this aspect, as to how these eggs would hatch or if there are any other ways to obtain them. A few rumors have surfaced about the former, revealing that Scarlet and Violet will feature special incubators that eggs can be put into to hatch. If this is true, then it is possible that the traditional "x number of steps to hatch" formula may be used in some form again. Alternatively, there could be set time periods for incubation.

The community will only be able to find out the truth when Scarlet and Violet release for the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. Are you ready to see all that Paldea has to offer to budding adventurers?

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