Is Garchomp worth using in Pokemon GO?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

With Pokemon GO's Gible Community Day having come to a close, plenty of players now have at least one Garchomp to their name, but is it worth using in battle situations?

In short, absolutely. Garchomp has impressive maximum stats and CP, and its Ground-type moves make it one of the strongest counters to Electric-, Poison-, Rock-, Steel-, and Fire-type Pokemon. Not only this, but its powerful Dragon-type moves also make it a great counter to several other Dragon-type Pokemon.

To break down Garchomp's effectiveness in Pokemon GO, a closer look at all of its aspects is warranted.

Pokemon GO: Garchomp ability breakdown

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

There are plenty of reasons why Pokemon GO trainers feature Garchomp more prominently, and the numbers game can back up those points. From its maximum CP, to its stat range, to its ability as a strong counter and high damage capability, Garchomp can be a big asset in battle if used optimally.

With a maximum possible CP of 4479, Garchomp places in the top 10 of Pokemon with the highest potential CP. With the exception of Slaking, every other Pokemon on the list that Garchomp shares is a legendary Pokemon, placing Garchomp among some of the strongest fighters in Pokemon GO. This fact alone warrants Garchomp some interest when it comes to battle.

There's also the matter of its maximum stat ceiling, which is also impressive for a non-legendary Pokemon. Garchomp's most notable maximum stat is its attack, which can reach a maximum of 261. This attack stat shares similarities to Mega Blastoise, something most Pokemon can't quite claim to measure up to. Its maximum stamina also caps at 239, which is solid considering its above average attack maximum.

There's also its ability as a hard counter to certain Pokemon types. If using Ground-type moves like Mud Shot and Earthquake, Garchomp can shut down a large number of Pokemon types with relative ease due to its damage capability. Using moves like Dragon Tail and Outrage, Garchomp can severely damage opposing Dragon-types (though it should beware of Dragon-type moves itself).

Some clever trainers may even opt to use Fire Blast with Garchomp, giving it a sneaky type advantage over Bug-, Grass-, and Ice-types it wouldn't normally have. Fire Blast, in particular, can also cover one of Garchomp's major weaknesses in Ice-type Pokemon and moves if it's able to take down its target quickly enough.

Garchomp is by no means an infallible Pokemon. It has its shortcomings, but its benefits heavily outweigh its drawbacks. Used strategically and with the right combination of moves, Garchomp can be devastating to opponents. Whether Pokemon GO players are bringing it to gyms, raids, trainer battles, or Team GO Rocket fights, Garchomp can answer the call.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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