Pokemon GO: Top 5 most powerful Pokemon as of June 2021

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO's roster continues to grow with the recent inclusion of Galarian Slowpoke and its evolutionary line, but the strongest in the game haven't moved from their spots.

Though there are several ways to measure a Pokemon's power and efficacy in battle, the most direct way is by examining its CP or Combat Power. In that regard, there are a number of Pokemon that have a significantly higher maximum CP than the rest of the game's cast. These Pokemon can pack serious firepower even if they're lacking ideal movesets or IVs.

With such high maximum CP, these Pokemon excel at nearly any battle situation in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: Strongest Pokemon sorted by max CP

#5 - Zekrom

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Hailing from Unova, Pokemon White's mascot is a force to be reckoned with in Pokemon GO. With a maximum CP ceiling of 4565, Zekrom doesn't lack battle prowess.

Using the moveset of Dragon Breath and Wild Charge, it can deal over 19 damage per second. Its stats are also substantial in comparison to other Pokemon GO legendaries, with a max attack of 275, max defense of 211, and max stamina of 205.

This Dragon/Electric-type Pokemon is a huge asset for any Pokemon GO player's arsenal.

#4 - Groudon

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

One half of Generation III's iconic duo, Groudon sports the highest CP cap of any Ground-type Pokemon at 4652. Using Dragon Tail and Solar Beam in its moveset allows it to deal a respectable 16.16 damage per second.

As a solo Ground-type Pokemon, Groudon has fewer elemental weaknesses than many other powerful legendaries. It should still be kept away from Ice-, Water- and Grass-type moves, but otherwise, a fully-leveled Groudon is a force of nature in any arena it can step into.

#3 - Kyogre

Image via Niantic Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic Image via Niantic

Groudon's polar opposite, Kyogre has the exact same maximum CP and stats as its Generation III counterpart. It gets the edge over Groudon in Pokemon GO based on its damage output, clocking in slightly better DPS at 17.34 using Waterfall and Surf.

Kyogre also only has two elemental weaknesses (Electric- and Grass-type), meaning its counter picks are significantly narrowed compared to dual-type Pokemon. Pokemon GO players can't go wrong with a Water-type like Kyogre in their collection, especially if it's being fed plenty of candies to take advantage of its CP ceiling.

#2 - Mewtwo

Image via Niantic Image via The Pokemon Company Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via Niantic Image via The Pokemon Company Image via The Pokemon Company

It should be no surprise to Pokemon GO veterans that Mewtwo makes this list. It has been a top attacker in the game since its inception and currently maintains a max CP of 4724. With a maximum attack stat of 300, the vicious clone of Mew hits harder than Mega Evolved Pokemon. Using Psycho Cut and Psystrike, it can deal a whopping 22.39 damage per second.

Exceptional damage and CP totals aside, Pokemon GO players can always pride themselves on having Kanto's most daunting boss Pokemon in their collection.

#1 - Slaking

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Surely an unexpected part of this list by some, the sluggish Pokemon from Hoenn has the highest CP cap of any 'mon currently in Pokemon GO. With a maximum CP of 5010 and boasting a huge attack ceiling of 290, Slaking is a beatdown machine. Because of its large HP total, it can also take a beating alongside dishing it out.

Lastly, as a Normal-type Pokemon, Slaking only has one elemental weakness (Fighting-type). It doesn't deal as great DPS compared to other Pokemon on this list, but its staying power comes from its incredible resilience and the amount of damage it deals in total.

Pokemon GO players may not expect much from this aloof Pokemon at first, but its incredible potential becomes apparent quickly.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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