Should you use Slowbro or Slowking in Pokemon GO?

Both Slowbro and Slowking have Galarian forms (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Both Slowbro and Slowking have Galarian forms (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Deciding between Slowbro and Slowking can be quite the conundrum in Pokemon GO.

Although these two Slowpoke evolutions operate much differently from each other in the main series, they are extremely alike in this mobile game. The only significant difference between them is the moveset, which pretty much makes it clear which one Trainers should invest in.

Which Slowpoke evolution performs better in Pokemon GO?


Both Slowbro and Slowking have identical stats: 177 Attack, 180 Defense, and 216 Stamina. This means they both excel on Gym Defense teams and can probably serve a PvP team well, but Trainers shouldn’t use them in Raids anytime soon.

Since they also share the Water and Psychic-type combination, the only thing that differentiates the two (other than the design) is the moveset. Neither is particularly blessed in this department, but Slowbro has a significant edge over its counterpart.

The bottom line with Slowking is that it takes way too long for it to charge anything. Neither Water Gun nor Confusion charges too much EPS, although the latter does decent damage.

Slowking’s charge moves are also really substandard, with a total lack of low energy cost moves. This makes it nearly impossible for it to apply any shield pressure in a match.

Slowking's move take a long time to charge (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Slowking's move take a long time to charge (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The move with the lowest energy cost in Slowking’s toolkit is Psychic. This normally has decent damage output, but that won’t be the case with Slowking’s lower Attack stats. It also gets walled by loads of Steel-types in the meta.

Slowking’s other options are Fire Blast and Blizzard, both of which are very costly in energy. This means that Slowking will have to be clicking tons of Confusions to ever get to use a Fire Blast or Blizzard, and neither will do impressive damage.

Slowbro’s moveset isn’t too much better, but its energy costs are at least reasonable. It only takes 55 energy for Slowbro to fire off an Ice Beam or 60 energy for a Water Pulse. These moves are much more tolerable, and although the damage output will be on the lower side, at least Slowbro can use them multiple times in an average match.

Considering all this, trainers who get Slowpoke should definitely consider evolving it into Slowbro. To get Slowking in the first place, trainers will need to search for Kings Rock. This can be a pretty rare item to find, and it’s rarely worth it for this Pokemon’s poor performance. Trainers should only really invest in Slowking if they like its design or are trying to collect them all.

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