“We seriously need a way to kick people”: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player frustrated with Tera Raids and other trainers

Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet involve fighting and defeating a Terastallized monster. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet involve fighting and defeating a Terastallized monster. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet involve fighting and defeating a Terastallized monster for a chance to catch that pocket monster and collect a bunch of items like the rare Herba Mysticas that are dropped by it at the end.

Tera Raids in the Genration IX games can be of one of seven different difficulty levels ranging from one to seven-stars, with one-star Raids being the easiest and seven-star ones being the hardest to beat. You must also remember that seven-star Tera Raids are limited only to special events and do not spawn under normal conditions.

Players can go into these Raids as a solo player or they can team up with others. Teaming up can also happen in two different ways where you either get matched up with random people who are also looking to fight in that Raid, or you can go with your own party.


This article delves into issues faced by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who have been facing problems with their teammates straight up throwing their games which is negatively affecting the results of the Raid.

Random people who don't know what they are doing is ruining Tera Raid experience for players in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Getting matched with people who do not know what they are doing in Tera Raids can be frustrating to those playing the game seriously. Sometimes not knowing what players are doing can have a negative impact that might cause you to lose the battle altogether.

Some players have expressed their wish for a way to kick people out of the raid if their teammates are not performing up to the mark. However, that seems slightly difficult in the current ecosystem of the game because of the lack of communication.

It is also a matter to be considered that Scarlet and Violet are ultimately designed for kids, who might not understand a lot of the nittigrities that older players take into consideration. Having an inefficient kicking system in the game can do more potential harm than good for the players.

There are also suggestions pertaining to the game itself that show more information about how to build a Pokemon for Tera Raids with EVs and IVs that might help players who know less about the matter find out about them before entering raids.

Things to keep in mind when going into a Tera Raid


The basic thing to do would be to look up what pocket monster you are going up against, what moves and abilities it has, and more. This will help you choose the right Pokemon to have the best chance for winning.

This especially applies for the higher level six-star and seven-star Tera raids. You should also not simply concentrate on dealing damage. Having Pokemon that can provide support by boosting allies' stats or reducing the Raid Boss' is really helpful.

Finding suitable teammates to raid with

Strategizing about how you want to approach a Raid with your teammates is always a good idea before going into it.

However, not everyone will have friends with whom they can go into Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Even if they do, it is not necessary that they will always be able to find the time to do it together.

An alternate option is to find partners on Discord, so that you can chart out a plan as to how you want to fight the particular Tera Raid you are going into.

The people you match with in the general raid chats might not be up to the mark, if you are someone who goes into Raids with very particular strategies. In that case, you also have the option of becoming a Verified Raider.

Going solo is also a good option

You can also go into Raids on your own if you are finding it difficult to find suitable people to raid with. Having Level 100 EV-trained Pokemon with maxed out IVs (suitable for particular raids) with the correct offensive and defensive type-advantage will make it possible for you to win out Tera Raids on your own.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet makes the lives of players much easier by making many items like Bottle Cap purchasable. They can be exchanged at the Hyper Training counter in Montenevera to max out the pocket monster's IVs.

NPCs that will accompany you in these Raids might also make questionable choices, but you willl still have the advantage of not losing time as NPC knockouts don't make you lose time in the Raids like another player's pocket monster fainting does.

While having the option to throw people out of the team in Tera Raids might seem like an easy way to solve the problem of lack of coordination and misplays during important battles, it might cause more harm than good.

You can consider other ways to go about Tera Raids, as mentioned here, so that you find the success you are looking for within the current system as the Pokemon developers look for ways for you to find better team matches.

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