What is the best moveset for Alakazam in Pokemon GO? (March 2023)

Alakazam is the final evolution of Abra and Kadabra in Pokemon GO.
Alakazam isn't durable in Pokemon GO, but it deals quality damage nonetheless (Image via Niantic)

In Pokemon GO, Alakazam is the last evolution in Abra's evolutionary line. It is a mono Psychic-type species and possesses a Mega Evolution that trainers can currently battle in Mega Raids.

When players take a closer look at Alakazam, they may notice that it has some issues in battle. However, it can still perform well in certain circumstances. Alakazam doesn't have great durability or stamina, but it has a fairly high maximum attack stat for a non-legendary/mythical Pocket Monster.


If Pokemon GO trainers are smart about how they use Alakazam in PvE and PvP battles, they can deal quality damage before this Psychic-type creature takes too much itself and faints.

If players want to utilize Alakazam in their team lineup, they'll want to make sure it has an optimal moveset to deal high damage.

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Recommended movesets for Alakazam in Pokemon GO PvP and PvE battles

Mega Alakazam vastly improves Alakazam's PvE viability in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Mega Alakazam vastly improves Alakazam's PvE viability in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company)

As a Psychic-type creature in Pokemon GO, Alakazam naturally benefits the most from using Psychic-type moves. Since these attacks have the same elemental type as Alakazam itself, they receive the in-game Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), resulting in additional damage output. The Pocket Monster also has access to other attack types, including Fighting, Fire, Fairy, and Ghost-type moves.

When using Alakazam as a PvE attacker, Pokemon GO players tend to stick to its Psychic-type arsenal. This is because trainers know in advance what kind of opponent they'll face in PvE arenas like raids or Team GO Rocket battles.

However, PvP in the GO Battle League is much more unpredictable, and Alakazam tends to benefit from move-type versatility in this format.


Here are the recommended movesets for Alakazam in Pokemon GO:

  • PvE - Confusion and Psychic
  • PvP - Counter, Fire Punch, and either Psychic or Shadow Ball

With the movesets listed above, fans should strike a quality balance between damage, energy generation, and type advantage coverage for Alakazam.

The PvE moveset plays to Alakazam's Psychic-type strengths, which should serve it well when a player knows that they're dealing with a Fighting or Poison-type opponent. Alakazam is even more capable in the damage department when it Mega Evolves, making it an offensive force in raids.

Meanwhile, PvP fights require a different strategy for Alakazam. Since trainers won't know their opponents until they appear, it's best to diversify. By utilizing Counter, Fire Punch, and either Psychic or Shadow Ball, Alakazam can deal super effective damage to a wide range of foes.


Counter is excellent for energy generation, Fire Punch is a cheap Charged Move that can bait shields well, and Psychic/Shadow Ball both deal quality damage (though Psychic receives STAB). Shadow Ball, in particular, helps Alakazam counter Ghost-type opponents that give it a hard time while also having an advantage over other Psychic-type foes.

While these movesets should help players along with Alakazam, trainers shouldn't be shy about changing them if they aren't working well. The meta of the game is always evolving, and players will want to stick to the moves that serve them best, no matter what they may be.

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