What is the Pokemon GO event for New Pokemon Snap?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
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Pokemon GO is seizing on the opportunity and crossing over with the new Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch, slated to be released on April 30th.

For the first time since 1999, Pokemon fans are getting the chance to enjoy a new Pokemon Snap game. Known well as taking a much more laid-back approach to the world of Pokemon, Snap saw players taking pictures of Pokemon while traversing through various environments.

With Pokemon GO already sporting a Camera Mode, Niantic intends to incorporate it as a large part of the upcoming collaboration event. Starting Thursday, April 29th, trainers will be allowed to engage in timed Research Tasks to earn rewards until May second.

What is the timed Research Task for the Pokemon GO crossover?

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Like many Research Task questlines before it, the Snap Crossover event tasks will be introduced in a manner of steps. Once trainers accomplish every goal in the current step of their research, they will proceed to the next one after collecting the step's rewards.

As progress continues along with the steps, the rewards increase incrementally and include items, XP, and Pokemon encounters. For this Pokemon GO event, the tasks can be broken down as follows:

  • Stage 1: Take a snapshot of Metapod, Lotad, or Aipom in the wild. Use three berries to help catch Pokemon. Take three snapshots of wild Pokemon. Once completed, players will receive 5 Nanab Berries, 750 XP, and a Dodrio capture encounter.
  • Stage 2: Take a snap of Trapinch, Cacnea, or Sandshrew in the wild. Use five berries to help catch Pokemon. Take three snapshots of wild Ground-type Pokemon. Players will be rewarded with 1250 XP, five Razz Berries, and a Skarmory capture encounter.
  • Stage 3: Take a snapshot of Finneon, Ducklett, or Chinchou in the wild. Take three snapshots of wild Water-type Pokemon. Use seven berries to help catch wild Pokemon. Players who complete these will be rewarded with a Mantine encounter, 2000 XP, and five Pinap Berries.
  • Stage 4: Take a snapshot of Mantine, Skarmory, or Dodrio in the wild. Take 15 snapshots of any wild Pokemon. Use five berries to help catch Pokemon. The final reward will award players a Clamperl encounter and a whopping 8000 XP.

Want to take even more advantage of the event's rewards? Be sure to use Lucky Eggs throughout the event to increase XP yields even further. Pokemon GO, players still seeking to level up to the new level cap of 50 should find this event highly beneficial to their efforts.

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