With farewell on the cards, why should Ash be the next Pokemon game protagonist

Ash Ketchum as he appears to be in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Ash Ketchum as he appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Ash Ketchum has been the protagonist of the Pokemon franchise for 25 years now, and this is finally coming to an end. He has remained a fan favorite since his debut in 1997, and his ambition to become the champion has been fulfilled with the final episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys. The anime series’ last episodes will show us the final journey of Ash along with his past accomplishments.

The franchise will have a new face and mascot to represent the company, replacing Ash and his companion Pikachu. With Ash leaving the seat of the main protagonist, The Pokemon Company has several other options for its new face.

That said, this shouldn’t end the long-celebrated character’s journey entirely. The developers still have the option to set Ash as the next game protagonist.

Can Ash be explored as the next Pokemon game protagonist?

Ash is of great importance to the franchise. The impact of this character is not to be taken lightly. With a crazy run-time of 25 years, Ash Ketchum has a deep-rooted relationship with several generations worldwide.

The Pokemon Company made this character one of the most famous existences in the anime and gaming world. With such profound fame and a huge fan base, Ash still has a lot of potential left unexplored.

As many mainline and side games have come by, the Pallet town trainer has yet to receive one where we can see him completing his journey. This could be a rather good option for the game developers and fans of this beloved character. Ash has caught and befriended numerous Pocket Monsters throughout his journey, with a philosophy of trust, friendship, and hard work to overcome adversity.


Along with Ash, the widely famous Pikachu is set to step down from being the franchise’s mascot spot. This is one of the most substantial changes the franchise has seen since its existence, and there is no say on how this decision will shape up. There is no hesitation in accepting that these lovable characters are leaving the spotlight.

In the current time and phase, Ash’s appearances are mostly relegated to Easter eggs or giveaways in games. Developers could also give players more chances to explore the world of Pocket Monsters with this duo.

As a protagonist in the game, Ash could open up the potential for further character development. Another dynamic can be explored in his journey or dilemma after being a world champion or the land of the Kanto region.


While The Pokemon Company has set its place in the gaming world, Ash Ketchum is still mostly associated with anime adaptations rather than games. There has not yet been a game where fans can tap into most of his potential, enjoy his journey, and see the world from his perspective.

The developers need to set their eyes on this. The unexplored areas of Ash's journey could give the fans a lot of anticipation and thrill. A void will occur after Ash leaves the Pokemon franchise's main spot. Making him the protagonist of the next game will provide the fans with more closure.

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