With Pikachu’s retirement looming, why should Eevee be the next Pokemon mascot?

Eevee as it looks in the Pokemon anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Eevee as it looks in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon franchise will never be the same, with Ash Ketchum and Pikachu taking their leave. The two have been part of the franchise since April 1997 and have been protagonists for 25 years. This ends with the final episode of the current anime season, Pokemon Ultimate Journeys.

The series' upcoming episodes are said to deliver the final journey of Ash and Pikachu and celebrate their past achievements. After becoming world champions and achieving a 25-year-long dream, the two are finally passing the torch.

With Pikachu being a mascot for the entire franchise, The Pokemon Company is now left with the question of choosing its next face.

Eevee might be the next Pokemon mascot after Pikachu


Eevee first debuted in the video games Red and Blue, followed by appearances in various spinoff titles, merchandise, animated and printed adaptations, and main-line games.

The creation of Motofumi Fujiwara is also a mascot and starter fighter for Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! This monster is widely celebrated with immense fame next to other fighters of its own generation and the most-recent ones. This Gen 1 entrant is cute and boasts decent battle stats with a unique line of Eeveelutions.

These Eeveelutions make it relevant and unique even decades after its debut, allowing players to evolve it as per their battle preferences. The main feature could also be its looks, as it resembles a puppy or a domesticated fox. Cute looks can mainly go with product lines, from stickers to toys.


The Normal-type Pokemon, Eevee, is a mammalian, quadrupedal fighter with brown fur, short, slender legs, three small toes, brown eyes, a small black nose, and long pointed ears. It has everything a mascot needs to serve a wide variety of fans. Compared to Pikachu, Eevee has the potential to rival its cuteness and battle prowess.

The popularity of this fighter is undoubtedly huge, as many consider it one of the cutest and most varied of all Pocket Monsters. It was also the most-traded fighter of the franchise’s “Wonder Trade” feature in 2015.

This could also be seen in its widespread merchandising in the toy market.

Eevee evolutions are also called Eeveelutions:

  • Sylveon (Fairy-type)
  • Leafeon (Grass-type)
  • Glaceon (Ice-tye)
  • Espeon (Psychic-type)
  • Umbreon (Dark-type)
  • Flareon (Fire-type)
  • Vaporeon (Water-type)
  • Jolteon (Electric-type)

The option of evolving it into eight different Eeveelutions helps garner attention. Multiple evolutions bring maximum adaptability, making it popular among casual and pro players. The versatility of Eevee is second to none, as it can evolve as per the trainer's needs and offer assistance in multiple battle situations.

All of this aligns with the best interests of the Pokemon franchise and everything a mascot needs to be. From an appearance good enough to cater to a wide variety of fans to remarkable evolutions and battle prowess, Eevee has it all.

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