Zeraora's best build in Pokemon Unite

Zeraora as it appears in the movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Zeraora as it appears in the movie (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Lukus Herblet

Zeraora is one of the most played Pokemon in Pokemon Unite at the moment due to its high damage output and great crowd control options. Some players, however, may want to take their abilities to the next level in competitive play and may be looking for a good build to use.

One thing to keep in mind when considering a build for Pokemon Unite is that with all MOBA games, there is more than one way to play a character. Any build can be experimented with and edited to better suit a player's rank and playstyle.

How to build Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

Zeraora in Pokemon Unite's official artwork (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Zeraora in Pokemon Unite's official artwork (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Zeraora is most commonly played in the center area or "Jungle" in Pokemon Unite. This area is filled with lots of wild Pokemon that are free for the taking most of the time. However, there are some Pokemon that are more valuable than others for players in the jungle to defeat.

Ludicolo in Pokemon Unite provides the player that defeats it with an enhancement known as the "purple buff". This enhancement lets the player deal more damage to targets when they are in critical condition. Bouffalant is another Pokemon that provides the player with a buff in Pokemon Unite. This enhancement is known as the "orange buff" and it grants the player the ability to slow down a target whenever they are hit with an attack. Both buffs are crucial to playing Zeraora effectively.

Zeraora's moves can all be comboed into one another. Zeraora is an excellent ambushing Pokemon that can hide in the bushes along paths and in openings before initiating a fight with Volt Switch into Discharge. Ambushes in Pokemon Unite, especially in the early game, can cause enemy players to panic and run away rather than fight back, and this can work to the player's advantage if they are just trying to secure a K.O. to relieve pressure off a lane.

Zeraora's first move is Slash. This is one of the moves players will get to choose from when the game begins. Slash is a great source of early game damage and mobility as it is a dash attack. This move also dishes out some displacement, meaning that it pushes the target whenever they are hit by the attack.

The next move in this build is Volt Switch. As previously stated, Volt Switch is another dash move, however, unlike Slash, this move upgrades Zeraora's attack speed for a short time before sending Zeraora back to its point of origin. This can be a great move to quickly finish a target and then return to the tall grass to reset in time for the next ambush.

The next move in this build is Discharge. This is a move that deals damage in an area of effect. While Discharge is active, a ring will appear around Zeraora. While targets are in the ring, they will take constant ticks of damage. This move can also be upgraded to slow down targets inside of it.

In terms of held items in Pokemon Unite, items that increase the effectiveness of basic attacks and speed are always great to have on Pokemon that play the Jungler role as it allows for them to defeat wild Pokemon without burning cooldowns and move around between lanes faster. The Float Stone in Pokemon Unite is an item that speeds up the holder when they are not in combat for a short amount of time. The Muscle Band is another great item in Pokemon Unite as it directly enhances the basic attacks that the holder deals automatically when they are within range of an enemy Pokemon. The last item for this build is the Energy Amplifier. The Energy Amplifier is a great item that can make a huge impact in a team fight. Upon the holder using their Unite Move, the effect of the Energy Amplifier activates and grants Zeraora an enhancement that allows it to deal more damage for a short time.

The battle item used for this build is the Fluffy Tail. The Fluffy Tail allows the player to stun wild Pokemon for a short time. Wild Pokemon stunned by the Fluffy Tail also take more damage.

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