5 dramatic exits made by Below Deck stars

Below Deck Season 9 (Image via ReelGood.com)
Below Deck Season 9 (Image via ReelGood.com)

The Bravo series Below Deck is known for its drama, and it's time to discuss the boat exits that drew the most attention. Only the toughest yachties survive, and each season at least one crew member departs. Crew members will suffer sanctions if the rules are not followed. Captain Lee Rosbach gives plane tickets to those who lack thick skin and a consistent work ethic.

All the Below Deck crew members live and work in a small space. This often proves to be quite stressful and leads to a lot of conflict on the show. The yachties become temperamental and unpredictable due to the long hours and demanding charter guests. Crew members occasionally let their emotions get the best of them when they cannot bear the pressure. Due to poor behavior, they often decide to leave or be sent home. They also stand a chance of being fired if they are not doing their duties.


Some cast members were relieved that the show was done, while others were irritated that they were asked to leave. Fans appreciated watching the reactions onscreen as they unfolded. Whether a departing cast member is joyful or unhappy, their departure alters the entire dynamic. Now it's time to look at Captain Lee's Below Deck's surprise boat exits.

5 Below Deck stars who made dramatic exits

1) Jessica Albert

Just hours before the next charter, the former stew Jessica Albert, a Season 9 crew member, left the internal team. Jessica stated that she was anxious and burdened by her job. She was worried not only about herself but also about her ailing grandparents.


She eventually succumbed to the strain. Jessica believes that the cameras were to blame for the Below Deck Season 9 reunion special on Monday, February 7. Despite this, her team and viewers stated that she appeared "miserable" and unwilling to do her job. Jessica attended the reunion and discussed her decision to leave work.

Jessica has never before appeared on a reality show such as Below Deck. Her prior positions required her to work as a solo stew. The brunette beauty was unaccustomed to working as part of a group. Her employment left her nervous and overwhelmed due by the cameras and production. While on the yacht, it worsened her anxiety and led to her losing 15 pounds.

2) Lara Flumiani

The season of Below Deck Mediterranean hasn't been easy for Hannah Ferrier and her new second mate, Lara Flumiani. Even before charter customers boarded The Wellington, the crew members were at odds over provisions, laundry, and table clearing.


Hannah and Lara's feud peaked at the end of the June 8 episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, when the two sat down to talk about their differences. Unfortunately, this seemed to exacerbate the situation.

In the June 15 episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, we never got to see Hannah and Lara re-start their relationship. Lara fled the yacht after the crew's first night out together, and she was not to be discovered the following day.

Lara's voice came over the radio, calling for Captain Sandy, as Hannah scoured the yacht for her second stew. Lara revealed that she would be leaving the charter season when Captain Sandy met her on the pier.

3) Mathew Shea

Mathew Shea was at the core of the turmoil portrayed in the July 26 episode before things heated for the Below Deck Mediterranean crew in the hot tub. Mat abruptly fled the restaurant after the team called him out for his statements during dinner. Mat quickly packed his bags and disembarked the yacht upon his return.

In the August 2 episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, Mat returned to Lady Michelle. He expressed regret to his crewmates and Captain Sandy Yawn for the chef's behavior the night before and for leaving the yacht.

"I know it's on TV, so people will probably think I'm like this all the time, but never have I gotten that upset and overwhelmed, like worked up. You only regret the things you don't do. But at this point, I just want to finish the season and prove that I can do better." he added.

Captain Sandy, on the other hand, had different ideas. Lady Michelle decided to employ a new chef to replace Mat for the remainder of the charter season after learning of his departure.

4) Gabriela Barragan

Gabriela Barragan opted to leave the boat on the April 25 episode of the Below Deck spin-off. Throughout the charter season, the second stew had a running battle with Chef Marcos Spaziani and the third stew, Ashley Marti.


Gabriela's problems with her fellow crewmates peaked after the crew took a day off between charters to spend some time at a luxury property. She packed her belongings the day after the expedition.

Though Captain Glenn planned the crew day out as a chance for the yachties to relax between charters, plenty of heated moments along the road damaged the crew's dynamic. The second stew felt like none of Gabriela's fellow crewmates were on her side after a particularly heated dispute in the pool between Gabriela and Chef Marcos.

Gabriela decided to leave the vessel to prioritize her mental health. Gabriela informed Captain Glenn the day after the villa incident that she intended to quit immediately.

5) Parker McCown

Captain Glenn Shephard preferred that Parker McCown make a choice rather than the boom being lowered. McCown appeared to be in discomfort, debating if being on the boat was worth the stress and anxiety he was feeling. McCown did some soul searching and determined that resigning was a better option than staying on and being fired.

"I think I ought to quit as far as my well-being is concerned," Parker informed Captain Glenn on the April 20 episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. "It's not because of you, the staff, or the situation; it's because of me."

Parker McCown opted to stand down as a deckhand and leave the crew after talks with Captain Glenn Shephard and Paget Berry regarding his attitude this season.

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