Welterweight boxing

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The Welterweight division is a weight class in boxing. In this division, the maximum weight is set at 147 lbs. while the minimum limit is 140.

The term was originally used in boxing, but over the years some of the other combat sports such Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Mixed Martial Arts have also adopted it in their weight classes in order to classify the fighters. Usually fighters in this class are heavier than the ones in the lightweight division but lighter than the middleweight division.

In the Welterweight division, Henry Armstrong holds the record for the most number of title defences. Armstrong defended his title 19 times. The longest reigning champion in the division was Puerto Rican Felix Trinidad who held the IBF Welterweight title for 6 years, 8 months and 14 days.

Here's a look at the wrold rankings from all the major organisations as of 23rd May 2022:

Welterweight (147 lbs)

WBC - Errol Spence Jr.WBA - Errol Spence Jr. (S) Eimantas Stanionis (R)IBF - Errol Spence Jr.WBO - Terence Crawford
1.Vergil Ortiz Jr.1. Vergil Ortiz Jr.1. Jaron Ennis1. Vergil Ortiz Jr.
2. David Avanesyan2. Jaron Ennis2. vacant2. Jaron Ennis
3. Jaron Ennis3. Keith Thurman3. Jaron Ennis3. Conor Benn
4. Keith Thurman4. Conor Benn4. Vergil Ortiz Jr.4. Keith Thurman
5. Conor Benn5. Yordenis Ugás5. Conor Benn5. Michael McKinson
6. Yordenis Ugás6. Gabriel Maestre6. Custio Clayton6. Cody Crowley
7. Thulani Mbenge7. Radzhab Butaev7. Ivan Golub7. David Avanesyan
8. Mikey Garcia8. Jesus Ramos8. David Avanesyan8. Lewis Crocker
9. Cody Crowley9. Taras Shelestyuk9. Karen Chukhadzhian9. Keita Obara
10. Alexander Besputin10. Michael McKinson10. Keita Obara10. Ryota Toyoshima

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