5 best anime Roblox games for fans of Death Note

Roblox games for fans of Death Note (Image from Facebook Inc.)
Roblox games for fans of Death Note (Image from Facebook Inc.)

Anime has its fans covered from almost all over the world. That is why Roblox has created tons of games for anime fans. The games are developed by the users and have shown their creativity at their best.

The famous anime series called Death Note has a huge fandom. The series focuses on the main character, Light Yagami, discovering a mysterious notebook called the “Death Note”.

The notebook belonged to Shinigami Ryuk and lets the user of the notebook have some supernatural powers and abilities to kill those whose names were written in the pages of the Death Note.

The series was a massive hit with the same amount of love received from its manga, novel, and film series. Fans of this fantastic series should check out these amazing Roblox anime games that will allow them to experience the same.

Top five Roblox games for Death Note fans

5) Anime Battle Arena


Roblox Anime Battle Arena, commonly known as ABA, was created in 2018 by Dogs Studios: South. ABA is based on some of the most famous anime and manga series, including the characters of Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Bleach.

However, fans of Death Note are also going to love this amazing game as it also involves battling against evil. This game is a perfect example showcasing that good always wins over bad. That was also what Death Note was all about.

The multiplayer fighter anime game can be played with up to 12 members connected to a single server. Players can combine various moves like Basic Attacks and Aerial Attacks in the game to discover new combo moves.

The game is fun to play with Death Note fans as well as fans of Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One piece. Once players have figured out their best moves, they can win countless battles and challenge their friends.

4) Mother: The Promised Neverland


Roblox Mother: TPN is a multiplayer horror genre anime game based on the anime and manga series Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland). The round-based anime game was created in 2020 by Tower of Generations.

The game's main objective is to survive and escape from the plant and evade becoming demon food. Players also have to make sure that the children are growing safely and happily to make them a portion of delicious food for the demon.

The role of the kids is to act as an NPC by talking with the same NPC repeatedly as they obtain quests. They can also unlock new recipes by reading several books and escaping the plant.

Here's a tip for the players: kids can run by pressing "W" on the keyboard. The role of the mother is to identify and write their names and nights. The multiplayer game is really fun to play and somewhat gives out the vibes of the anime Death Note. It would be the right choice for the fans of the series.

3) Guess the Anime


Roblox Guess the Anime is an all-genre anime game created by Trending In Anime. The description of the game is in its name. Players have to guess the anime and type out their names as displayed on the screen to level up.

The levels become harder as the player moves ahead. The game is not as simple as it seems, and it is a pretty challenging and competitive game. However, more than 3 million gamers have already played the game.

It has characters from many anime and manga series that players are fond of, including Death Note. Have fun with friends and other players online and guess the anime.

2) Psycho Infinity


The simplest and most fun anime game named Roblox Psycho Infinity is enjoyable to play. The multiplayer game is played with up to 10 players connected to a single server. Psycho Infinity is famous for its UI and graphics as the game has one of the best designs and sound effects.

The anime game is based on the popular Roblox game called Mob Infinity and has some cool and amazing in-game features. Players will get lots of power and quests to win in the game.

The game was created by Black: Fox Studios in 2020 and has millions of followers, with tons of gamers playing the game daily. This is a fun game to play with friends and other online gamers.

1) Death Note


As the title suggests, the Roblox game is entirely based on the famous anime and manga series called Death Note. The developers of the game describe it as:

"Death Note is a notebook which allows users to write your target's name and cause of death which they going to experience in a given time and given location. This is what a Death Note is.."

The game is quite similar to the series and is loved by over 10 million gamers on the platform. The game was created by xBEAR Studios in 2020. It can be played with up to 12 members connected to a single server.

Die-hard fans of Death Note should try out this game at least once, as the game lets gamers experience the same in the anime series. This allows players to tag along with their friends and enjoy this amazing game.

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