5 best Roblox games like PUBG Mobile

Roblox games like PUBG Mobile (Image via Roblox)
Roblox games like PUBG Mobile (Image via Roblox)

Roblox has never failed to impress its users and has a lot to offer them. Gamers choose Roblox because of the wide range of variety provided to everyone. Even though there are tons of genres on the platform, many of them still choose shooting games.

Likewise, the world’s most famous shooting game PUBG Mobile is almost every FPS gamer’s first choice. Developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio in 2018, it is a free-to-play battle royale game. PUBG Mobile is a mobile game adaptation of PUBG: Battlegrounds that can be played on Android and iOS.

Luckily, Roblox has games for PUBG fans, and players can experience the same while playing these Roblox games. Developers of the game have shown their creativity and talent for other gamers to enjoy themselves while playing these games.

This article showcases five of the best Roblox games like PUBG Mobile.

Top five games like PUBG Mobile on Roblox

5) Polyguns


Created by Mailbox Games in 2016, Polyguns is a fun and amazing multiplayer FPS game. It’s a unique game where players have to fight to save their bases and survive throughout the game to become the last player alive.

The last person standing in the game would be considered the winner. The game has a decent number of followings, with millions of gamers playing the game daily. The game involves 16 players connected to a single server.

Players can enjoy gaming sessions with friends or other online players. Enjoy shooting games with unique in-game features and explore more about it.

4) Counter Blox


Counter Blox was created in 2015 by ROLVe Community, which is a 5v5 FPS game. Where players can take part in battles across a wide range of maps spanning the globe, players can earn in-game currencies by defeating members of the opposing team while completing the objectives of the level.

Earned money can be used to buy new gears, weapons, and grenades at the beginning of each round. Players can open the menu by pressing N and B to open the buy menu at spawn.

The multiplayer game has a huge fan following, with almost 940 million gamers visiting the game regularly. With millions of gamers actively playing the game daily, this game can be played with up to 14 members together connected to a single server.

The game was recently updated, and the developers might have released new codes on its updation. Codes are quite useful for the players as they will allow them to redeem new and free gifts to have more fun while playing. Codes also help players make an impression on their opponents and collect in-game items more quickly.

3) Strucid


Strucid is an FPS game that Frosted Studios created in 2018. The game is currently in its beta form and is based on the Roblox game Island Royale and the video game Fortnite. It's one of the most popular games on the platform, with a huge following and millions of players playing the game daily.

Strucid has many game modes and can be played with 22 players connected to a single server. Players have to fight against their friends, other online gamers, and enemies.

The game has excellent sound effects and a great UI design for players to enjoy the game to their best. The multiplayer FPS game has some key binds, which can be changed in the game. They are:

  • Q – Wall
  • C – Floor
  • V – Ramp
  • F – Pyramid
  • B – Trap
  • G – Edit
  • Z – Emote
  • K – Unlock Camera

Game developers have codes for the game as well for players to redeem some amazing gift prizes to make the gaming more fun and efficient. Strucid is a fun and engaging game that can be played by PUBG Mobile lovers as well.

2) Prison Royale


Prison Royale is a first-person shooter game that involves gamers staying alive till the end. Gamers have to collect resources in the game and stock weapons. The game was created by Team !mpact in 2017, a replica of the PUBG Mobile game, which is why it is the most recommended game.

Players have to defeat their opponents and enemies throughout the game and find a safe place for equipment and weapons while staying safe and unharmed.

Prison Royale is a must-try game for all PUBG lovers. The multiplayer FPS game can be played with 100 players connected to a single server. The game is among the most popular games on the platform. So far, it has been played by up to 76 million gamers out there.

1) Alone Battle Royale


Alone Battle Royale is another multiplayer First Person Shooter game for PUBG fans. Created by Clockwork Entertainment in 2019, the game is a massive hit with millions of followings and many people playing the game daily.

The game involves players connected to 64 players on a single server, where players have to play for themselves and survive throughout the game and make it to the end. Players must earn achievements and rewards and customize the character to their liking.

The game provides new items every day, making the game more interesting and engaging. Players have to spend some time in the game and play to get the benefits of these rewards. The game also has similar features to PUBG mobile, which makes the PUBG fandom eagerly play it.

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