5 best Roblox games like Terraria

Best Roblox games like Terraria (Image via Roblox)
Best Roblox games like Terraria (Image via Roblox)

The base Roblox consists of many exciting and fun games that gamers can enjoy playing. Interestingly, most of these games are developed by the players themselves and are available in multiple categories.

Just like Roblox, another sandbox game called Terraria is a very popular game. Terraria is an action-adventure game that was released in 2011. Developed by Re-Logic, the game allows its players to explore, fight, build and dig in the game.

The game is adventurous and filled with lots of action and fun. Fortunately, the same vibe can be experienced by Roblox players. The article below showcases five games on Roblox that are similar to Terraria.

Best alternatives for Terraria on Roblox

5) Royale High


Developed in 2017, Royale High is an adventurous Roblox game very similar to Terraria, and is greatly loved by the commmunity.

Gamers get to explore its vibrant world and unravel new mysteries in the game. Developed by Callmehbob, it is played by millions of players. Being a multiplayer game, it can be played with up to 15 players connected to a single server.

Players have to earn diamonds (in-game currency) in the game to buy accessories in the game such as new skins, new products for the character, and much more.

The game also allows players to attend classes, complete homework, and uncover lots of new things happening around them by exploring this virtual world.

4) N

Created by Sickleissorrow in 2020, this is a game called N, also known as N the JoJo Game, based off the iconic JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The game took quite some time to develop and was initially meant to be developed only for testing, not for actual gaming purposes.


It is a fun multiplayer game that can be played with 15 members connected to a single server. The game is loved by many anime fans and has millions of players visiting the game daily.

Although the game has been developed for every device that Roblox supports, it is still mentioned by the developers that some of the content may change depending upon the type of device the player is using.

3) Treasure Hunt Simulator


It is one of the most unique games on the platform where players have to dig their way through various dig sites looking for buried treasure. Players have to search for treasure and once they find some of it, they have to use their coins (in-game currency) to upgrade their backpacks, shovels, pets, and more.

Digging up the piles to search for treasures might seem like tough work at first, but it will be worth it for the unique gaming experience and treasure hunting in general.

2) Pilfering Pirates

An adventurous action-packed game similar to Terraria called Pilfering Pirates was developed by Pseudosuper in 2020 and is quite popular on the online gaming platform.


The multiplayer game can be played with up to 20 players connected to a single server. Millions of players love playing this game, and about 400 million players visit the game daily.

The game revolves around a battle between four ships that are also enemies and a battle between all four takes place at the same time.

The aim of the game is to destroy the other ships with cannons and various other weapons provided by the game. Collect gold by winning matches or players can also steal it from enemy ships.

Looting enemy ships and spending the gold on purchasing new weapons or boats for better combat is another vital part of the game. Since the game was recently updated, players can try the new codes that are released by the developers at the time of the release of new updates.

Like other battle games, this game doesn’t feature a time. This means that the battle could take an hour, or sometimes even a few minutes, to finish depending upon the players' skills. The game is inspired by the iconic Black Pearl vs Flying Dutchman scene as well as the Roblox game, Doomspire Brickbattle.

1) Noob Army Tycoon


Developed by the Thinking Project in 2021, the adventurous and action-filled game called Noob Army Tycoon is quite famous on the platform. Despite being a new release, the game has managed to get a lot of attention.

Players have to attack enemies to take possession of strategic points. The game requires a lot of tactics, strategies, and logic to win. Gamers must unlock more than 100 troops among ships, planes, tanks, and noobs. Players have to make their tycoons by paying more than 600 buttons (the in-game currency).

Premium users have the advantage of unlocking a free noob worker and a free noob researcher. The multiplayer game is only allowed to play with only 6 members connected to a single server. The game has been updated recently and players will get to enjoy the wonderfully adventurous game.

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