5 best Roblox games for Potterheads

Harry Potter fans will have a memorable experience in the titles outlined in the article (Image via Roblox)
Harry Potter fans will have a memorable experience in the titles outlined in the article (Image via Roblox Castle)

Ever since Roblox's inception, many iconic series, movies, books, and more have served as inspirations to several titles in the metaverse.

J. K. Rowling took the world by storm after her book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone became the best-selling fiction in 1999. Eventually, a film inspired by the book was released, bringing the cast, crew, and book series immediate international acclaim.

Various Roblox titles based on Harry Potter were released to the community over time. Unfortunately, only a few stood out from the rest. These games offer unique characteristics that have piqued the interest of a large number of players.

Potterheads can fight against the most potent enemies with an arsenal of iconic spells in the Roblox titles listed below

5) Wizard Life


Roblox Wizard life begins with players choosing their favorite house. Players can play as students from different years, prefects, teachers, or even head boy/girl. Players can engage in duels, use potions, and do a lot more in the world of Wizard Life.

Special features

  • RPG experience makes the gameplay more interesting
  • Low-poly structure of Hogwarts and the environment surrounding the school
  • Duels (PVP)

Players must take part in several tasks to earn gold. Players can buy the most delicate wands and the best equipment in the game if they can fill up their coffers. Players can invite their friends and have a memorable experience in this Harry Potter-inspired universe.

4) Magic Training


As the title hints, Roblox Magic Training is themed around spells and the Potter universe. Players must engage in various tasks around the vast map of Hogwarts to earn money.

They can also have a complete RPG experience in a Harry Potter set. Players can create their storylines and have their sagas in the vast universe of Magic Training.

Special features

  • Polished texture
  • Smooth gameplay with refined ambient effects when spells are used
  • The availability of legendary wands from the Potterverse

The goal of this title is to become the supreme wizard or witch on the server. To achieve this, players must battle it out with their greatest adversaries. Various in-game content is based on the Harry Potter series. Seeing some of the classic locations can put players in a nostalgic trance.

3) Harry Potter Obby


Roblox Harry Potter Obby is one of the unique games in the metaverse. Players will get to meet famous characters from the Harry Potter franchise. But the gameplay is centered around obby and magic. The fusion of the two gameplay elements will give Potterheads a new experience on the Roblox platform.

Special features

  • The constant shift between high and low tempos
  • A wide variety of dangerous trap rooms on the map
  • Areas based on locations in the Harry Potter universe are available

All players have to do is find Dumbeldore's Elder Wand by finishing the obby. This may sound manageable, but the traps are brutal and can result in gruesome fatalities if the players are not careful. Players must play Harry Potter Obby on a busy server to have the most fun.

2) Wizardry II


Wizardry II is a hidden gem in Potter-based games. The game is set in Hogwarts, and players can wander around the campus and solve mysteries.

Flying on brooms is a fantasy for many Potterheads, and this can come true in Roblox Wizardry II. Players can travel via magical brooms, brew powerful potions, and master iconic spells.

Special features

  • Intense interactions in a huge Hogwarts map
  • Old school texture art and environment
  • Free roaming in a magical castle

Players must complete random objectives to progress further in-game. They can also roam around Hogwarts and find several things to do there. Roblox Wizardry II is a must-play game for Potterheads.

1) Ro-Wizard


When compared to others, Ro-Wizard is unquestionably the best Potter-based Roblox title. Players can do whatever they like in the magical world of Ro-Wizard.

The players can complete quests with significant rewards to get wealthy. Legendary wands used by the greatest wizards can be purchased from the in-game store.

Special features

  • Refined low-poly graphics
  • The countless amount of in-game content
  • Fighting dangerous creatures from the Harry Potter franchise

Players can fly around without the help of brooms. The "Unsupported Flight" created by the infamous Dark Lord allows players to travel faster than brooms. They can also attend classes, brew different types of potions, engage in deadly duels, and do a lot more.

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