Top 5 Roblox games for adults in August 2022

Roblox has become an evolving platform as it is not only for kids but also for adults (Image via Roblox)
Roblox has become an evolving platform as it is not only for kids but also for adults (Image via Roblox)

Most people who are aware of Roblox are under the assumption that the gaming metaverse is just for kids. However, many Roblox developers have been releasing a significant number of games just for adults.

Usually, veteran users in the Roblox community participate in competitive gaming. At the same time, some enjoy RPGs and simulator games. Like the new crowd, the older audience also has a wide range of game options on the platform.

Unfortunately, only a few titles stand out from the herd. In this article, readers will learn about the notorious Roblox titles that are not suitable for children.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

Here are the 5 best Roblox games just for the older players who love action-packed games and more

5) Project Lazarus


Project Lazarus is a game for players who love to kill zombies and survive in a dystopian world. All players have to do is stand toe to toe against the endless zombie hordes. The game is fairly competitive and is based on the famous Call of Duty Zombies.


  • Gameplay - A peaceful game mechanic for players who love the FPS genre
  • Soundtrack - Suitable for a game that revolves around killing zombies
  • Use of violence - Pixalated blood splatters on the screen when a zombie is killed in close-range
  • In-game content - Offers a lot of weapons and crates

Running away for safety is possible, where players are at a high risk of getting overrun. Players may also find themselves stranded without ammo and must explore the dangerous map to access the best weapons.

Right from the soundtrack to simple yet deadly gameplay, Project Lazarus is a must-try-out title for adults in the Roblox community.

4) Casual Board Game


Casual Board Game is not a normal board game as players have to interact with virtual spirits via an Ouija board. Gameplay content can be scary for the kids, while older players can try out the game if they want a small horror Roblox experience.


  • Gameplay - Dark environment where candles and a small window provide some light
  • Soundtrack - Slow and a gripping horror music
  • Use of violence - No violence, players should look out for jumpscares
  • In-game content - Not a lot, just a bit

Right from gripping gameplay to visual effects, Casual Board Game has become a cult classic among the horror genre's peers. All players must do is interact with the spirit and stay brave until the end. There are multiple endings to a Casual Board Game, and we are not going to spoil them.



Judy is not a game for kids, at least for those who are scared of crazy-looking mechatronics and monsters hunting them. Judy's lore is rich, and the older audience will enjoy it along with an action-packed survival horror gameplay.


  • Gameplay - Run and run until the monsters catch up, that's when weapons come in handy
  • Soundtrack - Good tracks, soundtracks
  • Use of violence - Fair dosage of violence
  • In-game content - A lot of choices related to the lore

Due to Judy's success, the developers released two more chapters, thus continuing the story. Players are advised to start with Judy chapter 1 and then play chapters 2 and 3. This allows them to understand the lore of the Roblox game without missing out on any characters.

2) Phantom Forces


Phantom Forces is the ideal Roblox title for players who love a fun, competitive multiplayer experience. Players have to choose between two teams and engage on a battlefield to eliminate the opposing team. Yes, the game is a full-on PVP multiplayer arena where players must think and act wisely to destroy their enemies.


  • Gameplay - Sit in a defensive spot with a sniper or go on full Rambo
  • Soundtrack - Lovely weapons and environment sound effects
  • Use of violence - Game revolves around shooting and bombing enemy players
  • In-game content - A huge arsenal of weapons and other gear

Solid strategy and flexible defensive movement are some of the important keys to winning a match. Teamwork is vital as without it, either one of the teams will crumble sooner or later.

Phantom Force is best enjoyed with friends as players can toggle on their mic and have a very interactive gaming session.

1) Deepwoken


Players must embark on worthy adventures and discover several mysteries in the open world of Deepwoken. Permanent character loss is a major attribute in this game, thus this title is not suitable for children.


  • Gameplay - Typical RPG life where players must defeat the strongest enemies and become powerful
  • Soundtrack - Suitable music for an RPG game
  • Use of violence - A lot as players must slay several enemies and other players on the map
  • In-game content - A wide variety of choices to choose from (Spell and weapon showcases)

Veteran players will have an excellent time interacting with other players on the server to take part in difficult quests for massive bounties. They are guaranteed to have a genuine RPG Roblox experience.

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