5 best Roblox games set in the DC Comics multiverse

Roblox games listed in this article features renowned DC heroes and infamous villains (Image via DCU Twitter)
Roblox games listed in this article features renowned DC heroes and infamous villains (Image via DCU/Twitter)

The Roblox metaverse has become a humble abode to millions of universes. DC Comics, the publisher of the iconic Batman, Superman, Justice League, and more, have become inspirations for several Roblox titles over the years.

With DC-themed gameplay, players and fans will have fun playing as their favorite heroes or villains. Roblox titles listed below have several unique stand-out attributes that guarantee a vivid experience.

The best part about these games is that players can write their sagas and have genuine DC adventures in a Roblox environment.

Disclaimer: The topic is arbitrary and relies on the writer's viewpoints.

DC aficionados will have a memorable Roblox experience in these games, which revolve around the DC universe

5) The Flash: Earth Prime


Players in Roblox The Flash: Earth Prime can play Flash from different multiverses. Notable heroes and villains from the DC universe will also be available to players once they unlock them. Players have a variety of superpowers at their disposal, which automatically enhances their Roblox experience when used.


  • Detailed texture and world
  • PVP fights with the usage of weapons and superpowers
  • Gamepass which allows players to use Black Flash and other significant characters

From flying around the city as Super Man to sprinting faster than the speed of light as the fastest man alive, The Flash: Earth Prime provides many more to its players.

The game is set in Star City, and several locations are straight from the Flash comics. Players must complete various missions linked to the DC universe to progress further in-game.

4) Lantern's Hub


As the title hints, Roblox Lantern's Hub revolves around Green Lantern's universe. Players can even access different types of Lantern Corps to have a distinctive experience.

Players will be given Power Rings at the start of the game. These rings provide them with special powers that can be used to travel and fight. When Power Rings are correctly used wisely, players can defeat the strongest enemies without losing much.


  • Refined environment
  • Usage of spells and the ability to fly around the map
  • Difficulty level is high

The players must explore the dangerous map of Lantern's Hub as the game progresses. Roblox Lantern's Hub is a must-try game for DC fans due to its polished gameplay centered around the DC world.

3) Age of Heroes


Like some superhero games, players in Age of Heroes have to choose between good and evil. They can either become superheroes who protect the world from danger or dreaded villains who commit crimes and become prime examples of troublemakers.


  • Extensive skill menu which allows players to buff up their power and more
  • Comical game physics
  • Leveling up system

Roblox Age of Heroes is also an RPG superhero game. Players can interact with each other and complete objectives together.

Players will receive a massive bounty if they defeat any other player on the server in a PVP battle. New skills and attributes can be unlocked with the money earned.

2) Batman Gotham Stories


This article will be incomplete without including the caped crusader's title. Batman Gotham Stories provides a complete dark knight-esque to its players. The gameplay, environment, and plot focus on Batman/Bruce Wayne. Yes, players can play as Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and other significant characters from the Batman series.


  • Gothic texture art with advanced graphics
  • Players can use the legendary Batmobile and Batcomputer
  • RPG gameplay enhances the experience

Players can also unlock several types of Batsuits, each with special perks and advantages. Batman Gotham Stories is a hidden gem for both DC and Batman fans.

Players must defeat several arch-rivals of Batman and store their achievements in the villain showcase under the Batcave. The freedom to do anything with any character is one of the reasons why it stood out from the crowd.

1) Marvel and DC Battlegrounds


Roblox Marvel and DC Battlegrounds is aimed toward die-hard DC fans. Finally, DC fans have the chance to end the intense debate about who is superior between Marvel and DC.


  • Smooth gameplay in a massive world
  • Redeemable codes which reward players with free goodies are available regularly
  • Boss fights

They must pick the best DC hero and fight against their Marvel counterpart in an arena. PVP battles can become intense and mesmerizing when players deploy their entire arsenal.

Players will earn a lot of in-game currency after they defeat any player. This money can be used to unlock several heroes and villains from both Marvel and DC multiverses.

Marvel and DC Battlegrounds has become the perfect venue for fans and gamers who wish to build their own superhero/villain storylines.

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